Chest & Front of Shoulder Stretch Exercise

Chest & Front of Shoulder Stretch has been designed to increase strength and flexibility in upper arms and upper body. This is especially effective for those who are involved in some kind of sports in which they have to use their throwing ability such as football or baseball. Here are some important factors which will greatly help you get the most out of this stretch.

  • The chest & front of shoulder stretches are great ways to reduce the risk of injuries in arms and chest muscles.
  • The major muscle group which is trained with this type of stretch at the first place is chest while the shoulders get trained as secondary muscle group.
  • Though it leads to isolation, it is excellent for the beginners as there is no difficulty to perform this exercise and the risk of injuries is almost zero.

How to perform Chest & Front of Shoulder Stretch

To do a chest & front of shoulder stretch, you have to use a body bar or a broomstick and that is why it is also known as broomstick stretch.

  1. When you are ready to perform this stretch, simply put your legs together and stand straight on flat floor.
  2. Hold a broomstick or a body bar in your hands. Make sure to have a wider grip than the width of your shoulders. Hold the stick in front of you and keep your palms fare facing downward.
  3. Now slowly and carefully raise the bar up until it reaches right behind your head. Keep moving your shoulders until you begin feeling stretch on chest muscles.
  4. Stay in this position for about 15-30 seconds before you revert back to your initial position.