Chin To Chest Stretch Exercise for Neck Muscles Improvement

Those who have to spend long hours at their work place, usually have the problems with certain body parts especially with shoulders, back and neck. There are few very important factors and if you keep them in your mind, you will be able to strengthen the muscles in your neck.

 The good thing about common neck issues is that you don’t have to see a doctor to deal with this problem as all such issues can be dealt with exercises and workouts.
 The anatomy of neck shows that there are at least 9 muscles found in neck and each of them plays an important role. They let your head rotate in different directions and this is what actually called the freedom of rotation.
 The neck is one of the most important parts of human body and it is really important to train this body area so it can stay healthy and fit.
 However, there are so many people who don’t know how to work with this body area and therefore it is often neglected.
 Chin To Chest Stretch is considered to be the best workout to work with neck muscles.
 Chin To Chest Stretch is also known as Neck Stretch as the main muscle group get trained during this exercise is neck. However, the traps are also trained with CCS as a secondly target.

How to Perform Chin to Chest Stretch

  1. When you want to perform this exercise, sit on the floor with extended legs. Put your right and left hands at head’s rear. Lock your fingers into each other while your thumbs are facing down and keep your elbows straight.
  2. Now slowly move your head to come down on your chest and Hold for about twenty seconds before you let it goes back to the initial position.