CLC World Travel Centre Review

There has been some talk on the web recently about the possibility of CLC World Travel Centres, and if their promotional 7-night stay deal is legitimate or not. Despite the debate happening on review sites and forum boards, there has been plenty of positive reactions to the special deal being offered through 2017. While it is up for each individual to decide if it’s worth it, CLC World is using this method to hopefully gain new members to their resort and hotel company.

Who is CLC World Resorts & Hotels? For those not familiar with the brand, they are a family-owned business that has been operating for over three decades. Many awards have been given to their several resorts and estates over the years, helping them grow to be one of Europe’s largest companies of its kind. An extensive timeline can be found on their website to help tell the narrative of their exciting journey through the years to where they are now.

CLC World has over 20 resorts in 7 different destinations, each of them unique with special features. Restaurant chains owned and created by CLC World spatter the resorts and specialty entertainment and exclusive clubs help make your stay an exciting time.

CLC World also runs and operates four CLC World Travel Centres currently:

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Milton Keynes
  • Cotswolds

With all that CLC World offers, it may be surprising that they would be so willing to offer free trips without a catch, right?

What are the promotional holidays everyone is talking about? In 2016, CLC World decided to open the doors of three of their resorts in hopes of gaining attention and new members to their clubs. At first, a lot of people were skeptical of the offer. A 7-night stay free of charge outside of the initial booking fee in three beautiful resorts can be obtained as easily as filling out a short, simple form on their official website and waiting to talk to a representative from the company as long as you qualify – typically you would have had a call from one of CLC world travel centres customer service staff to offer you a holiday, if you had entered one of their holiday competitions.

In the offer, CLC World states that only accommodation is covered, so food and traveling expenses, as well as other budgets, are left up to you the finance. They also state that in return, they only require a few hours of your time to sit through a presentation about CLC World Resorts & Hotels and look into your options. This is pretty common for large promotions such as this, but the presentation time itself ranges between companies.

Where are the resorts located in the promotional holiday offer? Turkey and Spain are the two countries available to visit, which really travels back to the roots of the company. Marina del Sol is located in Costa del Sol and marks the place where the first CLC World resort was built. Spain is one of their most popular destinations, so it makes sense that the Paradise Club in Tenerife is also featured in the promotion.

The last location is just on the Aegean Coast in Turkey, the Kusadasi Golf & Spa resort. Each place is beautiful, exotic, and full of exciting places surrounding the apartments to explore and visit. On the form you must fill out to apply to be chosen for one of these promotion trips, you’re given the opportunity to choose your preference of where to visit.

Why the debate on if the trip is legit or not?CLC World Travel Centres offer free holidays to entice people to their full suite of products. However, some people see a free trip in return of sitting through a presentation and a hard sell not worth the time. By looking at the reviews for the resorts offered in the deal, you can get a better idea for yourself on what to expect.

The resorts that are hosted under the CLC World name are beautiful and loved by many, so the chance to experience a stay at one free of charge is an appealing idea to many! CLC World Travel Centre teams hope that in doing this, they will see new faces in their clubs enjoying their luxurious locations. If you’re looking for a nice trip and don’t mind giving a little bit of your time in return, CLC World may be a great place to look during their holiday promotion.