Considerations Before Choosing Stem Cell Banking

Are you considering stem cell banking? The good thing is that in India, a lot of parents are becoming interested in preserving the stem cells of babies. This is also through cord blood banking. The thing about the cord stem cells is the potentiality of providing good health. This is true if it is preserved the right way possible after giving birth to a child.

The stem cells have no such thing as an expiration date. Thus, they can be preserved for some time. They could also be retrieved as needed for transplant. What’s more, they can best treat different medical conditions.

With so many Bangkok stem cell banking to find offering this service, it is essential to settle with the right partner. Various standards are also set up specific to stem cell banks. These banks now ensure state-of-the-art facilities, quality, and a good record of experience.

Check out these considerations in mind before choosing stem cell banking.

Transportation of the Samples

The cord blood samples collected are also subjected to government regulations. They would reach the laboratory for some specific hours. This is also while the temperature is maintained below twenty-five degrees Celsius. This is then made suitable for processing. The stem cell banking must have an excellent logistics provider. This way, the samples will be transported following the mentioned requirements.

Availability of the Trained Paramedics

The umbilical cord blood should be collected as it is essentially needed. It will demand a paramedic staff or trained nursing specialist. This way, the procedure will be performed. A professional paramedic will collect a good amount of blood coming from an umbilical cord. This is also even with no contamination or clot. More volume of blood should be collected from the umbilical cord. This should then be proportional to the number of stem cells.

Efficient Technique in Processing

Check the technology that stem cell banking has. This is to be sure if they offer high stem cell recovery coming from a blood sample. This is also if it comes with reduced contamination of microbial properties. This is true by following the quality protocols. Many stem cell banking promised advanced technologies. However, it is essential to know if the quantity and quality of stem cells recovered to meet the international standards.

Transplant Information

A reputable bank should then provide for expert information regarding stem cell therapies. An accredited bank must also be supported by technical experts. That way, any sort of stem cell queries will be answered. They will also get sample retrieval for the transplant. Check with the bank if they can present the information before you sign up for the service.

Quality of the Equipment

The materials utilized for the processing of the samples should meet the quality standards. These samples can include bags, collection vials, chemicals & equipment, cryogenic storage bags, and more. The accreditation organization also mandates the processing materials’ approval of the FDA. The bank will not get the needed accreditation if the materials used are not updated with the global standards.

Location of the Storage Sites

The stem cell banking should then store the stem cells in 2 locations or portions. This ensures the safety of the samples. This also brings peace of mind to the parents concerning natural calamities. Other banks store stem cells in two separate units. This is because each portion requires to be tested for potency, viability, & quantity of the stem cells. This is also before them being preserved. Check with the bank if it is offering a dual storage facility.

Indeed, stem cell banking is an opportunity that is introduced once-in-a-lifetime. The stem cells of your baby deserve the best stem cell banking. Now, see to it that the chosen one satisfies the factors mentioned before you enroll in their service!