Introduction to Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne is known as one of the best Strength & Conditioning coach who provided full support and great assistance to thousands of those desperate people who were struggling to lose weight for years. Craig is not just a trainer but also a great author whose creation Turbulence Training has broken down all the past record of sales.

Services for Health & Fitness Magazines

Crag is working with Men’s Health magazine and has become an active and honorable member of Oxygen magazine’s Board of advisory where his advices are always honored. He has also done a great job for the other fitness magazines such as Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, and National Geographic, etc.

Education & Researche Work

Craig Ballantyne completed his Masters in Exercise Physiology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Soon he got deeply involved in research work which helped him to learn and discover the amazing secrets of human physiology and the role of nutritious science. His educational background, deep research work and practical training experience enabled him to design such an effective workout plan that has become the best seller in weight loss training programs.

Craig’s Weight Loss System – Turbulence Training

Craig Ballantyne has done a huge amount of work for the people as a personal trainer, he has helped thousands and as an author, he has probably helped millions because his most popular weight loss system which is called Turbulence Training has already been used by a huge number of people and many hundred are trying it every new day. Craig created this system in such as great way that it enables everyone to use it in the most effective manner to get the maximum results within a little amount of time as you just have to spare less than 3 hours a week which is surly not difficult at all.

Craig’s System Specific Feature

Craig has been working as a personal weight loss trainer for many years and he does not just train them to burn the fat but also to reshape their bodies. He designed his system keeping in view the problems of those who can’t spend proper time in gyms and are always short of time because of their busy life schedule.

Access to Craig’s Work

Craig have had a few websites developed to enable maximum number of people to his work and the website will provide you more information about Turbulence Training which is the best selling weight loss system so far. He has also launched another website: which is a free gateway to reach all the work done by Craig such as Turbulence Training and video clips Training Sessions.