Critical Bench Review – A Bench Press Enhancing Program by Mike Westerdal

The Critical Bench Program has been especially designed for those who are seriously looking for someone to help them improve their bench press strength and for those who have found the trainers but unable to pay their high fees. The Critical Bench Program is fully equipped with all you need to know to achieve your goal in a short period of 10 weeks. With this system you can increase bench press up to 50 pounds and if you have long arms, shoulder pain, wrist pain or sub par genetics you can build up to 400+pound bench press.

What will You Find in It – Critical Bench Review?

The Critical Bench Program offers a complete schedule of 10 weeks to fulfill your needs and you will be provided with step-by-step instructions to schedule your diets and bench press routine workouts to control all your weaknesses. In this book you will learn the following:

 Amazing bench press techniques.
 Warming-Up Session during heavy weight lifting to avoid injuries.
 Secrets to grow mentally, physically and psychologically stronger.
 Common Mistakes that most of the weight lifters make to increase bench press.
 Recommendations for choosing right supplement.
 The impact of lifestyle habits on your performance.
 Proper assistance exercises to increase bench press strength.
 Common problems faced by lifters and their solutions.
 Tip to get 10 pounds.
 And much more!

Critical Bench’s Package Components

The program contains 3 major components which are as follows:

 Critical Bench Program 2.0
 Customized Training Logs 100-500 LBS
 Bench Press Fundamentals Online DVD

Intro to Mike Westerdal

Mike Westerdal, the author of Critical Bench Program, did his BS from Central CT State University and certified as personal trainer from the American Council on Exercise. He has been writing for various magazines such as REPS and Monster Muscle for a long time and a number of websites has been adorned with his informative articles. Another interesting thing about Mike is that he was also a football player as well as a coach in Europe.

Bonuses with Critical Bench

The Critical Bench Program also offers 4 free bonuses Worth Over $199 but this is a limited time offer.

1. The Critical Deload Routine
2. Critical Conversations with Elite Iron Warriors
3. Critical Exercise Guide
4. In-Depth Report on Creatine’s Usage in Sports

CONS in review of Critical Bench

• Free Bonuses are offered for limited time which means you can not enjoy them if you have missed the last date.
• You will have to follow the program for 10 weeks which might not be easy for you if you are really not ready to sacrifice your time to gain best results.
• You are required to do extraordinary efforts to get full advantages from this program.


• The program is designed by an extraordinary bench press expert, personal trainer and a well known writer.
• If you follow this program, you will not need to hire any personal trainer as it will provide you with complete information on bench press routine, weight loss and muscle gain training.
• The Critical Bench Program is flexible and easily fits to your busy schedule.
• It has 60-Day Money back guarantee.

Final Verdict – Is it Critical Bench Scam

After a thorough review of each and every component of The Critical Bench Program, there should not be any more doubts about the authenticity of this program. Credibility of the author, his huge circle of clients all around the world and most importantly the guarantee to refund 100% money are the major factors which prove that the product cannot be a scam.