Deadlifts and Back Pain – Avoid Incorrect Forms

The deadlift has full capacity to help people build large and strong muscles in both upper as well as lower body areas. The expert and experienced bodybuilders love deadlifts because of its huge benefits. However, the only thing which has mitigated the popularity of this exercise is Back Pain which is often caused by wrong form of deadlifts.

Deadlift – A Great Exercise

The deadlift is performed by lifting weight from surface of the floor to the level of hips. When you perform deadlift, it trains various muscles in your body such as the muscles of your thighs, buttocks, hips, back, stomach, shoulders and arms. If performed with proper and correct form, it becomes great as it involves core muscle groups and also reduces the risk of back pain. However, the question is whether deadlifts cause back pain or not.

Incorrect Forms of Deadlifts

As mentioned above that the wrong or incorrect form of deadlifts may cause back pain which is quite natural and the only solution is to avoid such forms that are resulted into back injuries. Few wrong deadlifts techniques are mentioned here so you can avoid them in future.

Don’t Round Your Lower Back

While you are doing deadlifts, you must never round your lower back area as this will not let you involve core muscles which will be resulted into pressure and stress to lower back as well as spine.

Don’t Ever Lean Backward

The second wrong technique is lean backward while doing deadlifts. This does not allow your glutes and hip muscles get involved in weight elevation process which is resulted into extreme pressure and stress on muscles in lower back and joints. You can avoid the injuries by using pushups rather than pull ups, which, means you should use your heels to push up the weight.

Final Words

Dead lift is not a basic exercise but it is for those who already have well-developed core muscles and if you don’t come into this category, you may not be able to get the real benefits of this exercise. The deadlift is a powerful and intense workout for most of your core body muscles. If you avoid wrong forms and always perform the correct ones with proper techniques, you won’t have to suffer from back pain.