Think Differently To Set Short & Long Term Goal

There will be hardly anyone who has never heard about setting up goals but most of them don’t really know how to set their goals and this is the reason why they fail to achieve them in time or never achieve. However, if you are going to set your goal, you must make it measurable which means checking out your progress every day or every week unless you reach deadline set to achieve your goal.

Think Differently to Do Something Differently

You must think positively rather than thinking negatively which means you should never set negative goals. For example, don’t say it want to get rid of ugly layers of fat, instead you should say I want to get a slim and sexy body figure. Your goal must be achievable which means you should know what you want to achieve in a week or in a month or in a year. Most people often get confused because of not knowing their actual goals and they don’t really know if their goals are big or just small or achievable.

You Need Aspiration & Inspiration

There must be a source of motivation or inspiring for your goals. If you just want to do a workouts without knowing why you want it, you can’t achieve it. If you want to lose 10 pounds of weight, it might be difficult but if you want to lose 20 pounds of weight before your annual party at your college, you will try your best to achieve that goal before the deadline.

Do You Ask Yourself Questions?

Things are changed now. You don’t have to worry how you look, in fact you just want to know how you can make your life even better. You should ask yourself questions before you set your final goal such as:

  1. Is it possible to feel more energetic?
  2. Is it possible to look even younger?
  3. Is it possible to increase your life?
  4. Can I live healthier and happier?

There are lots of questions which must be asked but majority of the people are afraid of asking these question to themselves because they are either too busy or afraid of getting the negative answer.

Setting Up More Than One Goals

Setting goal is a difficult task which can be simplified if you set two or more goals rather than single. Set both short term and long term goals. First set smaller goals which all should be associated with a larger goal. When you get successes in smaller goals, it encourages you to prepare yourself for achieving larger goals. If you often feel tired due to lack of energy in your body, your main task is to get rid of laziness and feeling more energy but you will not chase this task. Instead, you should think to prepare yourself for participating in a triathlon which seems to be impossible but it is not. Even if you don’t win in triathlon, you will at least get rid of your laziness without even noticing.