Discover Proper Bench Press Forms

One of the most visible and noticeable parts of human body is chest which must be strong enough to do various arm movements such as hitting, pushing and throwing. A well-developed and well-defined chest shows that how effective a training program is. The main muscles in your chest are considered to be pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. These muscles groups help in moving the arms across the body and toward the waist. You can use different movements and simple ways to strengthen and tone them.

Most Recommended Exercise

As far as bench press is concerned, it might be the most recommended exercise which his practiced by almost every muscle builder no matter if he is beginner or advance leaner. However, proper form for bench press is something which is quite rare in use as most of the people don’t really know about it. It is believed that there is no other exercise more powerful than this one as it does not just work to strengthen the pecs but also train various other body muscles.

Using Correct Form

Correct bench press form requires your triceps, pecs, and anterior deltoids get involved in movement, therefore, you should always try to get isolation in your pecs which is off course not easy. It also means that it will be really important to group exercises so that the overtraining can be prevented. If you are interested to develop upper body, you will have to include both isolated pec exercise and pressing movements.

Perfect Bench Press Form

The exercise requires you to give full concentration while performing it. However, you have the choice to use free weight bench press or machine bench press. It is really important that you use proper technique and pick the weight that you can easily handle.

Dumbbell Bench Press Form

There are few simple steps which you should follow to perform bench press with most effective form.

  1. If you want to perform dumbbell bench press form, you can simply arrange dumbbells and bench.
  2. Once you arrange them, lie down on the flat bench and hold dumbbell in each of your hands while your hands are resting on your thighs top area.
  3. Make sure that your hands’ palms are facing each other. When you have settled into proper position, you can use your thighs to lift dumbbells and hold them right in front of you maintaining shoulder width.
  4. Once come into shoulder width, give rotation to your wrists in forward direction which will move away your palms while still facing you.
  5. Keep dumbbells to your chest sides while your forearms making a 90 degree angle.
  6. When you exhale, push up the dumbbells with chest, squeeze your chest and lock arms. Stay in this position for a second before you go back to the previous position.

Barbell Bench Press Form

If you prefer to use barbell rather than dumbbells, you can use close grip bench press form which works with both chest and shoulders and it could be the best workout for beginners. It is considered to be a really good mass builder for building triceps. Incline bench press form is another popular exercise used by bodybuilders in top circles. You might have also heard about the bodybuilders who incline 4-5 plates for their reps. one more style is powerlifting bench press form.