Do Anabolic Steroids Cause Water Retention?

It is a vast known fact that steroid cycles come with various and miscellaneous unavoidable side effects, which, if not well taken care of can cause serious life threatening issues. One of the nasty chain reactions is water retention, which, in a way, works in your favor, whereas on the other hand, causes more problem than you may like to deal with.

The cause of water and salt retention is the conversion of certain steroids into estrogen in the body. Now, if we look at it closely, a certain amount of water retention may not come with adverse effects as it fills the muscles out and gives them weight, rather it makes men feel stronger while retaining water, it also makes the body used to carry more mass. It makes them stronger and muscular as puffier and bloated they would be.


There are so many strings attached to being on a steroid cycle, it is at times beyond comprehension. Therefore, you need to be aware of certain steroids which can spoil your game for life. If you want to be on steroids and still have everyone miring about your fabulous body, you need to stay away from anadrol and higher doses of dianabol.

Anadrol, has come out to make you retain even more water than a camel in a desert would.

With dianabol, water retention is still easy to manage if taken in smaller doses, or else, if taken in big doses or repetitive cycles will case you gain massive water weight.


Following steroids not only prevent water retention but also work as diuretics. So, as a result they not only flush water out the body but also leave you more shredded.


Anavar is invented for people who are cutting and do not want to deal with excess water to smoothen your muscle definition. While it immensely strengthens your body, it leaves it extremely dry as well as shredded. It is your savior when you are on diet and want to lift heavy.

Annavar is being classified as the safest steroid to be taken; moreover, there are no noticeable cons to it too. It has extremely smart attributes of muscle sparing and burning fat, simultaneously leaving you full and dry. While in anavar, even if one is on low calorie diet, it makes your muscles look pumped and juicy.


Winstrol is quite similar to anavar. It helps you lose water and works effectively on burning the fat. The only difference Winstrol comes with is, it builds muscle even if you are starving yourself. As compared to anavar, Winstrol tends to make flat muscles rather than fuller ones.

TRENBOLONETrenbolone is considered to be one of the best steroids for sale when it comes to gaining muscles. But the drawback is, it comes with quite a few chain reactions which vastly differ from person to person. Trenbolone does not allow any water retention at all, rather it will make you lose water weight and become increasingly dry.