Does Hair Transplantation Deliver Permanent Results?

There are so many reasons for hair loss, and depending on the basis, it could be either temporary or permanent.

Some of the most common reasons for hair loss could be due to lifestyle that leads to stress, improper use of hair care products such as straightener, conditioner, curler, etc., pollution, poor nutrition, or even due to some medication

Since the hair loss issue has become a common problem nowadays, hair transplantation has become the most effective solution. Some hospitals and clinics provide the best hair transplant in Pune.

Hair transplantation surgery procedure is as follows :

  • Shaving head in respective areas.
  • Intake of local anaesthesia.
  • Harvesting of hair grafts at the donor and the recipient areas.
  • Slitting of the recipient site for transplantation.
  • Transplantation of the hair grafts at the recipient site.
  • Post-operation instructions.
  • Follow-ups.

This procedure has become more popular since it delivers permanent results when the surgery is performed by an expert in the field.

Hair transplant is done by selectively handpicking hair grafts for the transplantation, which involves the transfer of permanent hair roots. The DHT sensitive hair follicles are the ones that tend to undergo hair loss. 

Thus, hair in the front and vertex area of the scalp mostly undergoes the hair loss process. The DHT resistant hair follicles in the side and the back of the head does not undergo any change under the influence of hormones. 

These permanent hair follicles are specifically handpicked and transplanted in the bald area to attain the characteristics of the root itself.

Fue Hair Transplant :

One of the essential strategies for transplanting hair follicles is Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE). This procedure has the fastest recovery and minimum inconvenience post-surgery.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplantation :

Fast healing process

Scalp adapts more quickly after this process since hair grafts are implanted one by one without extracting the skin. Due to this, the healing process is also quick when compared to other techniques used for hair transplantation.

Leaves no scars

Unlike other methods, Fue provides the best finishing by leaving no scars. This is major because the hair follicles are implanted one by one from the donor area to the recipient area. 

Natural Look

The most common concern that people have these days is whether the procedure looks natural or not. This procedure seems utterly natural since the outcome is your real hair only. As mentioned, FUE provides the perfect finish to fulfil the patient’s desire.

Minimal Post-surgery activities

Post-surgery discomfort is very low with this method of hair transplantation. Like in a dental procedure, local anaesthesia will be used so that the patient feels less difficulty during the process. And since this procedure does not cause any harm to the body, the patient can walk home within a couple of hours after the treatment.

Repairs scars from previous treatment 

Fue is the best solution to resolve any scars or marks that occurred due to an accident. This procedure is widely used across the globe for the damaged scalp.

Ideal for tight Scalps

Many treatments are not applicable if the patient’s scalp is very narrow and tight. In those cases, FUE becomes the ideal procedure to attain a better result.

Finer Hairline and Growth of hair follicles

To result in a more natural look, this procedure is designed to promote thin hair growth up to the hairline.

Apart from promoting the growth of hairlines, this procedure also enhances the growth of hair even in other parts of the body too.

Less Risk of Infection

Other procedures might result in some kind of infection, depending on the patient’s health condition. But since this process is totally harmless to the health of the patient, the risk of getting an infection is very minimal.

Quality of Hair

In this procedure, the patient’s healthy hair follicles from the donating area are transplanted to the recipient area in the same patient’s body. Due to this reason, the quality of the hair grown is very high than any other procedure that is being followed for hair loss.

Large Harvest area

By following FUE, almost all of the bald area could be covered so that the hair growth is of better quality and the result is very effective for the patient.

Is hair loss common for both men and women?

Hair loss is commonly considered to be a man’s problem, but the fact is almost the same amount of women face this issue in day to day life. A common cause for this hair loss is a genetic disorder and due to increased environmental issues such as environmental toxins and genetic mutations.

To conclude this article, if you feel the shrinkage or thinning of your hairline visit the best hair transplantation in Pune. If there are no signs of baldness, but you want to be precautious about it and have a plan for dealing with hair loss, it is better to visit the doctor at your earliest convenience.