Donkey Calf Raises

Being the hardest muscles, the calves are quite difficult to be trained. However, they must be healthy and strong as they are constantly used in daily routine activities. Most of the people prefer to do seated raise or standing raise as calf muscles exercises, however, there is another exercise which is considered to be more effective than the others and it is called donkey calf raise.

  • Though donkey calf raise is difficult and completely different from the other calf exercises, it is really effective to improve the muscles in calf region.
  • If someone does seated raise, it does not give pressure and stretch to the knees and thigh which makes it less effective. On contrary donkey calf puts great pressure on the above mentioned body areas.
  • The DC raise position enables you to move the weight to the rear side which in the result overcomes strain put on thighs as well as knees.
  • The DC raise has the capability to give long range of various motions which makes it better than the standing calf.
  • When you are doing this exercise, it will work with both outer as well as inner calf muscles.
  • However, the level of difficulty in performing this exercise includes it into intermediate level and it might not be suitable for the beginners.

Simple Steps to Perform DCR

  1. Get access to a DCR machine.
  2. Adjust your hips and lower back area under the machine’s padded lever.
  3. Put your arms on the handles.
  4. Extend off your heels and put your feet balls calf block.
  5. There should be inward, outward and forward alignment of your toes.
  6. Lift your heels and take breathe out.
  7. Stay for a second on this contracted position.
  8. Go back to your beginning position and breathe in.