Dumbbell Triceps Exercises For Men – A Great Way To Have Huge Arms

Body building is not an easy task to achieve as you will need a lot of time, commitment and dedication to get the best results. It does not end here, it also matters a lot of you are able to perform the exercise in the best manner or not. Most of the builders complain that they are not able to gain muscle mass after a certain time period of weight lifting.


It is all due to the same muscle building routine, which makes the specific area used to the weight and training and does not allow it to grow further. At this point one needs to try a lot of different angles and techniques to get the results, which have come to a halt.

  • Dumbbell exercises for triceps can turn out to be great and can help you in adding a serious size to your muscles. For this exercise you will need to lie down flat on the floor and you do not even need to make use of a proper bench. This exercise will help in two different manners. First of all the range of other muscles to develop will be limited and this will allow your triceps to grow. In most of the exercises of chest and triceps, both of the muscle group benefits. But the grips matter a lot.
  • The second benefit is that you will be able to life up heavier weights, while you intend to isolate your triceps. This will also allow your arms to work harder. Place the dumbbells in your hands; while your palms face inwards, that is they are facing each other. Keep your arms straight and move your arms down with a slight curling motion. Do not move your shoulders during this process.
  • There are also triceps exercises with one dumbbell, in which you need to place your one hand right behind your head. Your elbow must be at an angle of 90 degrees and the upper arm must be straight. To perform this exercise you can raise the dumbbell, till your arm is near to full extension. Now slowly lower your arm and move it back at the same position after a little pause. You can use alternate arms after a couple of reps and sets. Do keep in mind that you do not move out or in, your arms too much and do not even focus on your shoulders.
  • Dumbbell triceps exercises at home are also great and effective if you can not spare a lot of time at the gym. All you need to do is have different pairs of dumbbells and use them according to the progress you make during weight lifting. Triceps kickbacks are quite useful as you can perform them easily at your home. Choose any firm area or bench and place your knee on it. Also place your one hand on the flat area and then grab a dumbbell with the other hand.
  • Make sure that the palm area is facing your body and the upper arm is parallel to the rest of your body. All you need to do is extend your elbow and perform it in a very slow motion. Keep your upper arm straight and give a pause of few seconds between each rep.

Now you know how to manage triceps workout with dumbbells and work at the right angles for optimum results.