Dumbbell Triceps Extension – How You Can Choose Different Exercise Techniques

Training your triceps in the best possible manner is a hard job to carry out, as you will need to work on these muscles from a number of different angles. After the combination of all of these exercises, you will be able to get a result of, which you will also approve. There are a number of different exercises for the triceps which are going to be discussed in this article.

dumbbell tricep extension

  • For dumbbell tricep extension you need a fair weight dumbbell pair. Hold both of the dumbbells in your hand with your arms extended right above your head. You start exercising by lowering the weights right behind your head and than bring it back to the stating position. This exercise will basically help in developing the tricep muscles which are located at the back of upper arms.
  • To perform the dumbbell lying tricep extension you need to grab dumbbells and place yourself on the bench with your face up. Now hold the dumbbells right over your head and keep your arms straight. Notice that your palms must face other. Keep your feet flat and firm on the floor and do not move your upper arms. Now start bending your elbows so that the dumbbells come lower. In this position your forearms will not be parallel to floor any more. You can repeat the steps with the help of same repetitions.
  • To perform seated dumbbell tricep extension you need to hold only one dumbbell with both of your hands and grab it right behind your neck. This you can do easily by holding the plate of the dumbbell and then wrapping your thumbs, pointer fingers and palms with a firm hand grip. While you extend your arms right straight above the head you need to keep your elbows right next to your ears and then exhale. While inhaling you are going to lower down the weight in a controlled motion and repeat in the same procedure as told above.
  • One arm dumbbell tricep extension can be performed on any bench or while standing straight. All you need to do is take care of the fact that your back is receiving a proper support and is quite straight. Grab the dumbbell in one of your hands and start lifting it up to the height of your shoulder and after that extend your arm over the head. While doing this your arm will be perpendicular to floor and right next to your head. Remember to rotate the wrist a little bit to get the maximum tricep extension effect. You can repeat the exercise in the same manner.
  • Bent over dumbbell tricep extension can be performed with one dumbbell in hand while your palm faces torso. You will need to bend your knees a little but and bring torso out. This posture you can achieve by bending your upper body at waist line but do keep your back straight and your head up. Make sure that you are bale to maintain an angle to ninety degrees from your forearm and upper arm. In this exercise you will only use triceps to life the weight in an up and down manner. After your triceps your forearms will move only.

In the same manner, rolling dumbbell tricep extension and dumbbell tricep extension bench will work out as the best exercises for you. Dumbbell tricep extension bodybuilding is a tough job, which need to be performed with special angles and care to make sure that the best results are achieved.