Eating Healthy: Why You Shouldn’t Just Focus on Calories

When it comes to eating healthy and maintaining an ideal weight there seems to be a misconception that the most important aspect of it all is calorie count. People need to realize, however, that calories really do not show the full picture especially if healthy eating is what you are gunning for.

According to dietician Elaine Amphlett, people shouldn’t focus on just a single number alone. It is recommended that they should consider several characteristics of the foods and the drinks that they are consuming. Read on some simple tips that should help you develop a better and healthier eating habit.

Focusing on just calorie content alone is the wrong approach to healthy eating. In fact, it can be quite misleading. After all, calories cannot really tell if a food or a drink is going to be satisfying. They do not reveal too if the food you are consuming contains the necessary amount of carbs of protein that you might need to power through your workout or to get you through the day.

Instead of obsessing yourself over calorie count, it would be best to instead focus on adding more vegetables and greens to your diet. Many research studies have tied diet containing a lot of vegetables can lead to better health outcomes such as decreased risk of chronic diseases and weight loss.

Kicking soda out of your system is a good idea too. Same is true with sweet tea. Instead, go for water and other unsweetened drinks and beverages. You’ll be surprised how much calories sweetened beverages actually contain and they do not even have the satiety factor that solid foods are known for.

You will need protein too. It is, after all, a crucial ingredient that is responsible for fuelling the muscles and it also helps contribute to that feeling of fullness. Since it breaks down carbs into sugar, it can act as a buffer against those sharp spikes and dips on insulin levels.

Balance healthy eating with exercise too. A lot of people tend to take exercise the wrong way, where they use it as a shortcut towards losing weight. It is not. However, ensuring that you perform regular movements while watching out what you eat, can certainly lead to better nutrition and a healthier body. Naturally, weight loss follows when you are doing the eating and the movement right.

Lessen the carbs and not the fat. Some studies have suggested that reducing your intake of cars can be an easy way of stabilising the blood sugar levels in the body. Tight glycaemic control or having steady blood sugar levels means has been linked to a lot of benefits such as reduced risk to chronic diseases, better levels of energy all throughout the day, as well as weight loss.

Low fat is not necessarily good for you. The reason for this is because most products labelled like this are heavily processed which often means adding extra sugar just to ensure that they will taste pretty much the same as the full-fat one. You are better off going for the full-fat version and just make sure to practice proper portion control. Learn more helpful healthy eating tips by reading about Elaine Amphlett online here.