What is Ectomorph?

It is really important to know what body type you have as all types have their own advantages and disadvantages and if you know them correctly, you can unlock the jammed door of your success towards maximum muscles growth and positive changes in your overall life. You must always keep in mind that you can never get muscles mass if you go against your body.

What is Ectomorph?

There are three main types of human body known as ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. All these types have unique characteristics which make them different from each other. An ectomorph is lean body type with long limbs, small shoulders and little muscles mass.

Physical Features of Ectomorph

The ectomorph body type may have the following physical features:

  • Decreased Endurance
  • Delicate Bone Structure
  • Flat Chest
  • Lightly Muscled
  • Long limbs
  • Narrow Bones
  • Skinny body
  • Slow Weight Gain
  • Small Shoulders
  • Stoop Shouldered
  • Tall and thin
  • Young looking

Psychological Traits of Ectomorph

The ectomorph body type may have the following features in their personality:

  • Believed to be reserved
  • Don’t want others to interfere in their privacy.
  • Full of good thoughts
  • Happens to be self-conscious
  • Have the ability to tolerant
  • Introverted and shy
  • Often feels mentally Intense
  • Seems to be emotionally restrained
  • Sometimes, pretends to be even-tempered
  • They have artistic approach.

Body Type Ectomorph’s Benefits

Fast Metabolism

The first benefit of being ectomorph is that they have fast metabolism which is really important for burning calories. They don’t have to work too hard to burn off the calories to get a lean and sexy body especially for women. However, the disadvantage for having a fast metabolism is that it might be quite difficult for them to secure the muscles they have gained.

Eat Delicious Foods

As mentioned above that the quick metabolism enables an ectomorph to digest everything quickly and easily, he/she can eat whatever wanted by them. If they need to eat tons of meals to get bigger muscles, he has not program at all. He can bring changes in his diet without harming current progress.

Look Bigger Than Actual

The ectomorph’s body structure seems to be smaller which makes it look bigger even when put on little weight or fat. If they work hard and put on some decent type of muscles, they can get a better and more defined look.

Exercises and Long Arms

An ectomorph may have problems in moving weight in some exercises because of having long limbs, however, there are various exercise in which he can take the advantage of having long arms.

Aging and Gaining Muscles

It is a general fact that with the growing age, each organ of human body grows older and gradually loses its ability to function properly. The metabolism also loses its performance but this negative point often becomes positive point for the ectomorph as they can add more muscles to their body frame.