Ectomorph Diet Plan

As far as bodybuilding is concerned, the ectomorphs are considered to be real hard-gainers as they have slight skeletal body structure with narrow shoulders and skinny limbs and their faster metabolism makes it really difficult for them to get muscles mass. Muscle building is a long process which requires lots of time and efforts and if you are not having the right type foods and the exercises, it will become almost impossible for you to build an impressive body. Therefore, they need to have ectomorph weight gain diet which is usually high in calories and includes quality nutrients.

Carbs, Proteins and Fats


The expert nutritionists and personal fitness trainers suggest that the hard gainers should contain about 50 percent of complex carbs as nutrition in their diet. They are required to include unrefined complex carbs such as oats, rice, whole-grain, whole-grain bread pasta, sweet potatoes and starchy vegetables.


Nobody can deny the importance of protein in muscles building as they are considered to be an important element in muscles building. Almost all bodybuilders especially those who are ectomorph must have protein rich diet. The best sources for gaining protein are lean cuts of beef, chicken, lamb and pork turkey, fish, and eggs.

Healthy Fats

If you are following muscles building routine workouts, you must have a large amount of healthy fat in your ectomorph bodybuilding diet. This will provide you with an extra amount of calories. If you are a hard gainer, you should know that the fats have dense calories and at least 20% of your diet should be fats. The great sources of healthy omega-3 fats are nuts and pumpkin seeds. The eggs can provide you with both protein & omega-3 fats and you can make it part of your morning breakfast.

Muscle Building Tips

Here are some of the useful tips and if you follow them properly, you can get real advantage of it.

5-6 Meals a Day

The ectomorphs are usually suggested to have a small meal every 3-4 hours, however, if you have 5-6 meals throughout the day, this will make sure that your body is consuming the required amount of calories and you will get best diet plan for ectomorph.

Nutrient Shake

You can also consume nutrient shake available in markets for muscles gaining. You can buy them and consume them right after your workout. The weight gain shake usually contains simple carbs, complex carbs and proteins which are enough to fuel your body.


Food supplements are also available which you can use to boost calorie intake and food intake such as whey protein supplement which will greatly help you increase daily intake of protein but if you consume weight gain supplements, this will not just provide your body with protein but also enough amount of calories.

Ectomorph Diet Menu

The fitness experts and muscles building experts suggest that the ectomorph diet to gain weight should follow a slightly different ration than the usual die which is as follow:

Protein 30 %
Carbs 50 %
Healthy Fats 15 %