Effective Ways to Warm-Up Before a Workout

Most people are now stepping up their game when it comes to self-care. From buying skin care products, eating healthy, and working out. 

Warm-Up Before a Workout

Plenty of gym memberships have become more affordable over the years to access more people who are trying to be their best selves. But before actually joining one, you should consider health and the limitations of your body and ask for a professional trainer to help you find the right program. 

Before doing anything at the gym or following any specific programs, one thing remains important– you should always warm-up.

Warming up helps you elevate your cardiovascular system, which allows you to raise your body temperature and blood flow. This prevents your body from going into shock once you start your actual work out. It is important as the actual workout itself––same as the food that you are eating. Living a healthy lifestyle is a process and when you lack one of the processes, it does not usually become successful.

So before doing hardcore workouts, you should consider these ways of warming up:


This could be one of the easiest warm-ups you can do as it doesn’t require any equipment. Consider walking to your gym instead of driving or commuting. You can level up this warm-up by walking a little bit faster or brisk walking. And by the time you get to your gym, you are halfway into your full warm-up routine

Jumping rope

Doing this warm-up could help elevate your heart rate more easily compared to other routines. And since you are using mostly every part of your body, it enhances the flow of your blood in your entire body. There are more complicated jumping rope routines you can try. You can even level up the routine by adding ankle weights.

Though this is a warm-up exercise, the jumping rope could still help you burn major calories because of the energy you are using. It also helps improve your breathing, allowing greater resistance for other workout routines.

Walking knee hugs

This warm-up routine is basically what it is––hugging your knee while walking. You will have to lift each leg at a time, while they are bent. Then, move each knee at a time towards your chest and hug it. Repeat it for both legs in a certain number of reps.

Apart from stretching your legs, this routine also helps you with your balance, which is needed in some of your more intense workouts.

Mountain climbers

This warm-up exercise can also help elevate your heart rate quickly. You start by getting into a plank position. Then pull your right knee into your chest, then switch it with your left knee. You have to do this alternately, but also make sure that both legs or knees did the same number of reps.

You should also mind the distribution of your weight. As soon as you get into a plank position, try to distribute your weight evenly so as not to strain a certain part of your body. You should always remember that apart from preventing injuries, a workout routine is more effective if you do it in a proper form.


This routine is perfect for the lower half of your body. It targets your hamstrings, hips, glutes, core, and quads. You don’t need any equipment for this one, just your bodyweight. The common type of lunge is the forward lunge. You have to stand up properly with your feet about hip-width apart. Then, you have to take a big step forward using one leg and transfer your weight into that leg. Lower your hips until the other leg’s knee touches the ground. Repeat this alternately.

Again, warming up is important just like the actual workouts. Apart from preventing yourself to get injured, these exercises could help you not to get tired easily. And when you are not easily exhausted, you could do more routines without struggling. The warm-up makes everything easier for you.

Just be reminded not to push yourself too hard when warming up. Take things slow and consider your limitations. You could use timers to limit your routines. 

Proper attire is also important. Make sure that you are able to move comfortably with what you are wearing. You should also not be feeling too hot with your outfit as it will exhaust you easily. 

It would be better to work with a personal trainer at a local gym if you do not have an idea of what routines you should do. These trainers could help you narrow down which exercises can you do and how long can you do them. They also consider different factors such as your weight, height, and age when they train you. It would also be safe for you to be monitored by a professional trainer so you could be sure if you are doing the proper form.

So don’t take warming up for granted. It is as important as the actual workout and your cool-down routines.