Electrolyte Replacement Drinks: Take the Sugar-Free Route

Any professional athlete knows the benefits of drinking beverages with electrolytes in them to replenish lost fluids. Not only are they essential for our cells but also for our organs to work properly. What they are is electrically charged minerals. These minerals and compounds help give you the much energy needed in order for your muscles to work properly. Find out more here.  

If we lack electrolytes in our body, we need to replace them through external sources like drinks and foods. But how would you know when you need to replenish yourself?

Some signs are below:

  • If you are sick and have persistent diarrhoea or vomiting and sweating or fever, it means that your body is losing a lot of fluids and that you need to replace those fluids with electrolytes.
  • If you feel symptoms of confusion or fatigue.
  • If you get regular headaches.
  • If your heart bets an at irregular pace.
  • If you have lost your appetite and don’t feel like eating or drinking anything, you need to at least drink electrolytes.
  • If you have respiratory issues such as emphysema, it is necessary to replenish your body.
  • If for some reason you need to take medications such as diuretics or steroids, you will also need to drink liquids with electrolytes.

How do Electrolytes help us?

  • Helps blood to clot and builds new tissue.
  • They keep the pH (alkaline/acid) of your blood in the normal range i.e. between 7.35 and 7.45.
  • It enables muscles to contract, which includes the beating of your heart.
  • Regulates the fluid levels in your body and blood plasma.
  • Transmits nerve signals from the heart, nerve cells and muscles to all the other cells.

Now that we have established the importance of Electrolytes for our bodies. We also need to understand that not all Electrolyte drinks are created equally. More often you will find inexpensive sports drinks that are filled with cheap ingredients and lots of sugar. The cheap ingredients are what are referred to as ‘filler-ingredients’ that can range from artificial colours, artificial flavourings, and different types of sugars – all of which do more harm than good.

When we are in need of hydration and we turn to clean water, we usually get the satisfaction of re-hydrating our bodies without spiking our insulin. In the same way, when our bodies need balance, we should turn to clean electrolytes Drinkgt.com which are not loaded with artificial sweeteners or any types of raw sugars.

Only in very few circumstances, does drinking a sugar-filled beverage, help you. But the need is few and far between and usually geared towards issues with small children who are having their first bout of dehydration.

However, as an adult, drinking an artificial and chemical-heavy sports drinks, does not make sense.

Enter Sugar-Free Electrolyte Drinks

Water based sugar-free drinks have now become an option. Some are even made from plant-based ingredients to aid in replacing electrolytes without doing any harm, for example drinks made from real fruit juices or coconut water which are on their own rich in pure electrolytes, have an amazing taste in comparison to the drinks that have synthetic flavours added to them and leave a bad after-taste. Even though water is the drink of choice, we sometimes need an extra helping-hand from electrolytes. By adding a sugar-free electrolyte drink can be a great way to rehydrate the body in any situation and the results are instant, with health-boosting properties. But make sure the ones you do drink do not have all those bogus filler ingredients as mentioned above, no matter how attractive the packaging may be. Your body should be a priority, don’t fill it with junk.