Endomorph Workouts – Cardio, Strength Training & Diet

The standard workout plans are designed to work regardless of body type and it does not really matter what type of body you have as these plans works with the general facts of all body types. However, as an endomorph, you don’t usually find the standard workouts as effective as they should be and in this case, you really have to follow exclusively designed endomorph workout plan or you can alter your regular plans to tone your muscles and lose excessive body weight.

The endomorphs find it easy to gain weight but it is really hard for them when it comes to shedding pounds of weight and most part of the weight that an endomorph gains is of fat making body rounded shape.


A good endomorph workout routine plan should focus on cardio exercises so the body’s mechanism of energy-burning can be shifted from glycogen burning to the fat-burning. You can enable this shifting process by doing an aerobic for about 45 minutes a day by following at least 65% of maximum heart rate.

The major sources of energy for performing physical activities are considered to be glycogen and when glycogen reserves are reduced in the body, the body begins to use the stored fat as an energy source which enables the fat burning process and is really important for weight reduction and the endomorphs finds it more effective to lose weight while doing extended form of physical activities.

When you plan your schedule for weekly workouts, make sure to add at least 3-4 cardio
Sessions. You can perform any physical activity that can help you lose weight such as swimming.


Most of the strength training plans focus and work for bulking up or getting lean muscles mass. However, gaining too much of lean muscles is never suggested to an endomorph as it gives him/her rounder and larger body appearance but it does not mean that strength training is not beneficial for them. They can still get the maximum benefits by using the best workout for endomorph which can greatly help in burning maximum body fat.

If you want to avoid gaining the size, you better give your full focus on endurance training that emphasizes the reps but deemphasizes the heavy weight. The endurance will get you toning effects while getting minimal growth of muscles. The best routine that you can ever follow is 2-day strength training session while bringing change in standard reps as out of twenty reps sets, you can have ten reps with lower weight. Also make sure to take rest for at least one day between two training sessions.


Endomorph body type workout cannot miss out the diet which is the key not just to gain muscles but also to lose fat. Diet will enable your workouts to bring you optimal results.

Now if your main goal is to reduce excessive body fat, you should reduce the daily intake of calories by 500. After you have finished your cardio session, don’t eat simple carbs in large quantity as the carbs will be converted into glycogen which will prevent the process of fat burning. Replace the amount of simple carbs with protein or complex carbs and unhealthy fats with healthy meats.