Enhance Your Fitness Results Through These 14 Activities

We all know how important it is to spend time in the gym lifting weights, completing your cardio, and pushing your body’s limits so you can see results. But there are other things you can do to further enhance the way your body works and feels.

These activities will complement your workouts and help you get in even better shape, mentally and physically, so you can live comfortably for many years to come.

If you workout at the gym for one hour each day, then do nothing for the remaining 23 hours, then you’re not giving your body the activity that it needs – not to mention your mind. These activities are fun, exciting, enjoyable, and will impact your life very positively. Find some things that you like to do and fill up some of our time with them. It will make you happy, energize your soul, and increase your activity levels, which positively impacts your health.

Take a look at some of my favorite activities below, and don’t forget to share some of your favorites with me!


What better way is there to get exercise than dancing?
Turn on your favorite tunes in your own home (when you’re alone if you’re self-conscious) and bust-a-move. It is an excellent workout, will use just about every part of your workout, and, as I keep saying, leaves you feeling happy.

Want to take dancing to the next level? Look into local classes, groups, and parties. Or just head out to a night club and dance the night away.


Yoga is one of the best self-care practices to complement your fitness routine. It increases your flexibility, workouts most of your body, and is a different kind of workout than most of us are used to, which uses different muscles you may not focus on.

Even though these physical benefits are tremendous, yoga might be even better for your mental health than anything. Yoga can reduce stress and anxiety and let you connect with yourself on an emotional level.

In a world filled with so much technology and distractions, yoga is a savior because it impacts just about every inch of your mind, body, and heart.


Meditation is another great way to positively impact your mind and leave you feeling recharged, refreshed, and re-energized. It may not have the same physical effects as yoga, but it does much of the same for you as an individual.

For someone who is new to these types of self-care practices, my advice is to try both out. Rotate between yoga and meditation to really get the full effect of both activities.

Home Repair

This may sound like a chore more than a fun activity, but believe me, working on your home can help you in so many ways.

It’s an activity that keeps you moving, lifting, and turning in so many ways that it can’t help but be good for your body. But it also can distract you from negative things in your life and leave you feeling distanced from them.

Putter around your home, make the space your own and get creative. It is so freeing!


Here’s an obvious one: sports. Find a sport you love to do as a hobby and make an effort to do more of it. It doesn’t have to be recreational or even planned at all. Grab a frisbee, throw a football, pick up a hockey stick, kick a soccer ball, or hit a golf ball.

The physical benefits are obvious and, if done on a regular basis, will help you be more athletic in life but it should also be something you look forward to doing. We all need some fun in our lives!

Yard Work

I promise I’m not telling you to go and do chores. These things are just really good for you in a few different ways.

Yard work is something that requires a lot of activity, from pushing a wheelbarrow to dumping bags of dirt, to getting up and down off your knees by the garden. It might leave you feeling sore the next day, but it will improve your body’s mobility in the long run.

Yard work is so good for your body and is a very natural thing humans enjoy doing. It should leave you feeling exhausted, but happy and proud of the work you’ve done.

Organizing & Cleaning

This one doesn’t sound fun at all, but it’s another activity that will keep you moving when you might usually be lazing on the couch.

Pick a room (or a space) and clean it. Rearrange things on a shelf, get rid of items you don’t need, and move things that don’t belong there. This type of activity is as good for your mind as it is for your body because you’re organizing your personal space in a way that connects you with important memories and people.

A clean space means a clean mind!


Your workout doesn’t end when you leave the gym and you can make more out of your hard work by taking supplements. There’s a ton of brands on the market, so do some research into what companies are creating the best product for your body.

After that, look up creative ways to use the supplements so you know you’re getting the most out of your money.

Healthier Eating

Healthy eating is another obvious one that isn’t focused on enough. It’s important to know what you’re putting in your body and to make sure you’re getting enough of the proteins and nutrients that you need.

Just because you eat a piece of fruit a day and cook some vegetables for supper doesn’t mean you’re doing all you can for your body. Nutrition is a complicated topic that we all need to focus more on, even if it is confusing and intimidating.

It is my wish to see my friends and family take a deeper interest in the foods they are eating – and I hope you will too because it impacts how we look and feel every day.

Wash The Car

Grab a bucket, turn on the hose, get scrubbing, and don’t stop until your car is spotless. This is a great way to get outside, move around, and stretch your limbs. Your vehicle is quite big and you’ll really need to reach if you want to get every inch of it and that leads to a great workout.

Do it on a sunny, warm day and you’ll have a blast!

VR Video Games

Technology is an unbelievable thing and the newest video games can offer you more than just a little fun.

Virtual reality glasses allow you to use your own body as a prop in certain games and programs. Complete your exercises in virtual reality or take on a hobby you would never dare try in the real world.

You’ll be sweating and sore by the time you’re done, even if you have barely moved from the place you’re standing.

Play With the Dog

We know that walking your dog can positively impact your physical health, but did you know that just playing with them inside can as well?

Just get on the floor, grab a few doggy toys and be silly with your dog. It will positively impact yourself, as well as your dog, as you move around and have fun.

Tidy the Garage or Shed

More tidying! Yes, more tidying means more activity, which is what we’re aiming for here.

Your garage or shed is full of things that can be organized, cleaned, and thrown away. Put on a pair of old clothes and just dive in. You should be able to make a big difference in a short time by emptying it out, cleaning, and then bringing in the things you want to keep. What a workout!

The Bottom Line!

There’s more you can do for your physical health than just hit the gym. It’s all about being active, and these other activities will help keep you moving. It may not even seem like you’re ‘working out’ but if you’re on your feet doing things, then you are.

The person that is always active and isn’t afraid to stay busy is usually the one in the best shape, and that could be you.

Pick an activity every day (the same one or a different one) and just do it. You’ll feel good when it’s all done and you won’t feel guilty if you choose to sit on the couch and relax in the evening if you’ve put in a day of positive work.