Enrich Your Yoga Teachings with Fresh Moves and Teaching Tools

To be an inspiring yoga teacher, you must be on a constant journey of self-improvement and self-discovery. Only by constantly working on yourself, can you bring out the best in you, in order to inspire the best in others. So, if you feel like you are stuck in a rut with your teachings and you are looking for creative ways to inspire your students, we have some excellent suggestions for you.

Integrate Pilates into your practice

Despite the fact that Pilates doesn’t share the holistic nature of yoga, it does promote the same self-awareness and inner peace. Pilates can be a great tool of attracting new students, as many people are attracted to the body transformationspromised by Pilates workouts, from lean muscles, to flat tummies and tight bottoms. As a yoga devotee, we understand your reluctance to committing to a fitness fad, but you don’t have to teach full Pilates classes. Start by mixing a few Pilates routines in your normal classes for a little diversity. See how your students respond to the new moves and later decide where to go from there.

Turn your class into a ritual

Modern day yoga tends to be less holistic and more adaptive. However, a celebrant approach can be a great way to turn a boring class into a transformative experience. If you don’t want to scare your students with spiritual teachings, just focus on exciting the senses. Some relaxing music, candles, a symbolic ritual and even a treat, are all great ways to transform a basic yoga class.

Yoga Trainer

Destress your students with restorative yoga

Restorative yoga can do wonders in any day of the week, but we advise you to use it on Friday classes, when people are feeling the weight of a full work week. A successful restorative yoga session can become a transcendent experience that can help your students not only to relax, but to reach a universal level of consciousness.

Sculpt bodies with Yoga Shred

Many people turn to yoga to achieve a lean and harmonious body. However, weight loss results come slow with basic yoga practices. For the students that want to see faster results, consider a Yoga Shred class. By combining yoga poses with high intensity exercises, Yoga Shred is the ultimate class for a quick full body transformation.

Go back to basics

Even if you have been teaching yoga for a few years now, attending a Yoga Foundation program for teachers can be a great way to rediscover the traditions of yoga while also celebrate its evolution. Foundation courses usually cover topics such as the history of yoga, the bio-mechanical principles of body alignment, transformative yoga psychology, observation as well as assisting and adjusting. Revising these basic principles can be a great way to perfect your teaching tools to provide your students with a more rewarding practice.

Play with different yoga styles

All yoga teachers are familiar with the different types of yoga, but most prefer to stick to the style with which they resonate best. While there is nothing wrong with this teaching approach, toying with different styles can bring a touch of variety to your classes, and it can also help you rediscover the complexity and beauty of yoga. From Vinyasa, to Yiengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini or Yin, there are numerous possibilities. Each style has its own advantages and can provide your students with unique benefits and transformative experiences.

Be organized

If you want to see real transformations in your teachings, start by setting some major goals and by putting together a plan for achieving them. Moreover, try to organize your teaching plans with modern planning tools. Tools such as Trello, G Suite or Namastream can help you plan your lessons, store important files, plan your tasks and much more. Moreover, try to be as active as possible on social media. Technology can indeed bring people together and social media can be a great tool for building and maintaining a beautiful connection with your students.