Should You Exercise When You are Sick?

Every professional or seasoned bodybuilder starts getting confused when feeling under the weather. The conventional wisdom is that when you are just feeling a little unwell, say because of a cold, then it’s alright to stick to simple exercises such as cardio or a light jog for a limited time period. However if the symptoms worsen as a result of the exertion, then you can call the session off and resume only when really feeling fit and recovered. There is absolutely no reason why you should put yourself through an exercise routine when you are sick.

Scientists recommend checking the temperature of the neck if you are feeling discomfort. If the temperature is 100 degrees or higher, it is advised to stop all exercises and strenuous activities and have some rest. Pop some pills or show yourself to a doctor who will diagnose the problem.

Tips to Avoid Sickness

Eat Well

Unless you are feeling really bad, you should try to continue to have regular meals. However the way you are feeling is the best judge concerning the level of activity you consider safe for yourself. Continue to drink water as it hydrates the body and flushes out toxins.

Get Lots of Sleep

Another often overlooked activity in modern times is that we often tend to abuse our bodies by sleeping for far less hours than is required to replenish our spent energies. Pressures at office and the home can keep us up needlessly at night. Coping with stress, meeting targets and deadlines and living life constantly on the move will someday take a toll on us. If you have a sleep disorder or snore, go see a doctor.


Moderate to strenuous exercise is better than none at all. Start small by incorporating those activities that can be easily fit into your daily routine. Then as you get some results and adrenalin from the activity, you will tend to increase the level of activity by lifting heavier weights, performing more repetitions, etc.

Avoid Overtraining

Overtraining is not only dangerous but can have disastrous consequences on your health in the long run. If the body is constantly overworked, it will crack under the strain someday. Don’t let this happen whatever the reason. It has been seen that Olympic champions and international marathon runners and athletes or strongmen work themselves to fever pitch just before a competition. This is dangerous because there is every possibility to fall sick and miss the event. It is simply not worth it. That is why the diet and fitness plans of international sportsmen and sportswomen have to be carefully managed.

Can Slight to Moderate Exercise Benefit Sickness?

A fresh debate that has arisen in recent times is that the warmth of the body due to rise in temperature that is a consequence of fever is a positive factor while working out. Therefore slight to moderate exercise can reduce a person’s symptoms. When a group of 700 runners were exposed to a virus before exercise, as much as 70 percent of them managed to avoid catching symptoms due to the workout, while just 4 percent reported early susceptibility to the virus.