Exercises to Make Your Neck Bigger

Have you ever thought about the muscle group which is often neglected by most of the people? Neglected muscle group means your Neck. Did you ever think how you can make your neck bigger and larger? Off course, a bigger neck can make you look much stronger, more powerful and impressively masculine.

How to Make Your Neck Bigger?

If you are still neglecting your neck or don’t have any interest to train your neck muscles, you should be working on it to prevent injuries which may be of great danger. Now the question is how to make your neck bigger? Well, this question is not difficult to be answered as there are a number of exercises which you can use to train your neck muscles to build up a beautiful neck.

Safety Precautions

If you are ready to learn about these neck exercises for mass, you should fist have a look at some of the very important safety measures and for gaining not just size but also strength.

There are a number of facts which shows that your body has to depend on strong neck in one way or the other and that is the reason why it is so important to take a few very important steps to make sure that you don’t get any type of injuries or don’t hurt your neck only because of not knowing much about it.

  • The first and most important of those safety measures is to maintain proper and absolutely correct form of each exercise you perform throughout the entire training.
  • The second important safety step is your controlled moves, while you are making repetitions, make them slow and keep them under control. It is highly advised by the experts that there should be at least two & two seconds for concentric and eccentric. If you properly understand the importance of these two safety measure and follow them, you can easily reduce the chances of injuries. Now let\s learn about the exercise on how to build neck muscles.

Neck Building Exercises

1) Neck Bridge

The neck bridge is considered to be an effective exercise in developing various neck muscles very quickly. Neck Bridge seems to be a little dangerous as it involves body weight which is balanced onto your feet balls and your neck muscles. However, if you keep in mind the safety precautions and use proper form, there should be no more chances of injuries.

2) Barbell Shrugs

The best neck building exercises also includes barbell shrugs which is basically not an exclusive neck exercise, however, it is said to be a great exercise to build great mass for your upper traps which cover the area between shoulders& neck. If you successfully build upper traps bigger and stronger, this will greatly help you make your neck look bigger, larger, stronger and more muscular

3) Neck Extension

The neck extension normally works with the muscle commonly known as splenius which is found on back area of neck. The use of extensions will help you building a strong neck quickly and your neck will look quite impressive from the back side.