The human body is a complex system of cells that form tissues, that group together to form various organs and organ systems. Highly developed organisms like mammals and humans have complicated body functions that are performed in a very organized manner by various organs that work together for specific functions. 

The most basic functions of any living organism are breathing, a circulatory system that deals with the blood transport to and from various organs, reproduction that ensures the passing of genetic information to the offspring, and an excretory system that deals with removing the waste out of the body. 

In the case of humans, the urinary system takes care of the removal of waste from the body. The best doctors from top urology hospitals in Bangalore, Delhi, and other big cities have excelled in the specialization of the urinary system and deal with the diseases related to the urinary system of people. 


Just like other organ systems, the urinary system consists of more than one organ. It is made up of kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, and urethra. These organs perform specific functions to aid the excretory system of the body. 

The functions performed by these organs are:


Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that are responsible mainly for the purification of blood. They are the most important organs of the excretory system. 

They also perform other functions like maintaining the fluid balance of the blood, regulating and maintaining minerals, nutrients, and vitamins in the blood, purifying the blood before it reaches the heart, producing hormones, and regulating blood pressure.

Kidneys are made up of nephrons. These are the basic units of the kidneys that work through ultrafiltration. These are responsible to perform the main function of removing the excess waste from the blood. Each kidney has millions of nephrons that continuously perform the job of removing waste. 


The next important organ is the ureters, also two in number in an average human adult. These are tube-like structures about 10-12 inches long. They connect each kidney with the urinary bladder.

The main function of the ureters is to carry the urine from the kidneys to the bladder. Once the kidneys have performed their function of separating the fluid waste from the blood, it turns it into urine that needs to be expelled from the body. The ureters perform the function of carrying it to the urinary bladder.


The urinary bladder is a muscular sac with a capacity of 400-600 ml and is in the shape of a pear. The main function of the urinary bladder is to store urine for some time in order to help us avoid urinating constantly or very frequently. 

The ureters connect the kidneys to the bladder and urine is then stored inside the bladder. The muscles of the urinary bladder can stretch to hold some urine for a long time but when it is full, there is the feeling to release that builds up. 

When one urinates, the bladder muscles contract in order to push out the urine from the urethra. 


The urethra is actually the last organ of the urinary system. It is connected with the urinary bladder and is responsible for the release of urine from the body. 

Since the basic anatomy of the male and female human body is different due to the differences in the reproductive system, the urethra is actually different in females and males. 

The main difference is the length. Since in males, the urethra passes through the penis and performs seminal ejaculation along with releasing urine, it is longer, about 7-8 inches long. 

In the case of females, the urethra is small, about 1.5 inches long, and opens between the labia, embedded in the vaginal wall. 


Human anatomy is a complex system. There are various organs performing specific functions and if any face a problem, one needs to visit a doctor. In the case of the urinary system, one should make a visit to one of the top urology hospitals in Bangalore, Delhi, or any other city if they are facing any issues related to urination. 

The most common symptoms of infections may be pain or burning sensation during urination, pain in kidneys, or any area around it, even the stomach, pain in the bladder, or discoloration of urine. 
One must make sure to intake enough water to stay hydrated for good kidney health. Other things to consume include fruits and juices like cranberry juice. One must also stay low on alcohol and smoking for healthy kidneys, and watch their body weight.