Fitness Improves Health and Immunity

Strength training triggers powerful processes in the body: large doses of adrenaline hormones are released into the blood, micro-traumas of muscle fibers occur. The body experiences positive stress, the effect of which continues for several hours after the session. During this period it is necessary to give yourself a rest and eat healthy food, because the immune system is working to restore the body.

Exercise can replace many medicines, but no medicine in the world can replace exercise. Studies at gyms in NYC have shown that exercise reduces pain and improves joint function. For example, weak muscles around the knee lead to instability and increased stress on the joint, which destroys the cartilage fibers lining the bone heads. Pain and loss of mobility – arthritis – ensue. For people with arthritis and osteochondrosis, weight training works best, but only with the right technique.

Fitness improves physical condition in general: stamina and strength increase, coordination develops, flexibility and mobility appear, posture improves, bone tissue becomes denser, muscles become stronger. So we can say that as a result of fitness classes the whole body is strengthened.

By pumping blood into the muscles engaged in the workout, the heart is also being trained. Heart muscles are strengthened, and they are not afraid to endure overstrain in any stressful situation. Exercise strengthens vascular walls, normalizes blood pressure, increases the amount of “good” cholesterol in the blood and reduces the amount of “bad” cholesterol.

It should be remembered that all precautions must be taken when exercising in the gym. Because of incorrect technique and too heavy loads people get injuries, the consequences of which often take a long time to heal. Often for particularly enthusiastic gym-goers, the pursuit of an athletic body turns out to be a real problem. Which threatens not only further training, but also health.

Fitness Helps You Lose Weight

This is undoubtedly true. During exercise, accumulated fat is burned. In addition, the muscular system develops, and the more muscles, the more energy is needed for their “maintenance”. It is in the fat reserves that the body seeks it. The benefit for the figure is also the acquisition of the desired shape: the body becomes taut and sculpted.

During physical activity, the utilization of glucose by the working muscles increases due to the strengthening of oxidation-enzymatic processes, and the synthesis of glycogen in the muscles and liver increases under the influence of regular exercise. A person consumes more kilocalories than in a passive lifestyle, thus reducing the fat layer. It would seem that for people with metabolic disorders or obesity – fitness is a lifesaver. But exercise alone is not enough. If after a workout you eat, for example, a piece of cake, the weight will stand still and even increase due to impaired metabolism in these people. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a balanced diet and optimal drinking regime.

Fitness Industry

The first half of 2021 saw a recovery for the fitness industry as the decline in club attendance slowed. The recovery could last until 2023. Sales of additional services also show an optimistic trend: a 21% increase compared to August 2020, in which sales of additional services showed the maximum drop since the exit of the fitness business from the lockdown.

The fitness industry is looking for ways to adapt to the current situation. For example, online classes and hybrid classes (online and offline) have become more active. In August and early September there was a positive trend.

Classic clubs are not making much money on distance products in the end. Fitness clubs prefer to invest in buying equipment and hiring trainers the old-fashioned way. In addition, they diversified the range of club cards for the duration of validity periods, and expanded the pool of services within the existing cards.

The outlook for the U.S. fitness industry is quite positive: the trend for exercise and the transition to a healthy lifestyle will only strengthen, and the recovery of the fitness market under a favorable scenario could occur by the end of 2022.