Five Benefits Of A Free Standing Punching Bag Workout

Free standing punching bags are more likely to be found in a home gym setup than in a dedicated space, but like their hanging counterparts, the free standing punching bag can offer a plethora of workout benefits – and not just for those who are in to combat sports.

To help achieve the perfect home set up you might want to take a look at these top free standing punching bags. Here are five reasons why we think everyone can benefit from including a combat based workout in to their weekly routine.

1 . A Whole Body Workout

There are few pieces of exercise equipment that can offer a whole body workout like a punching bag. The beauty of a freestanding punching bag is that it can be moved around rather than hanging from a fixed position like a standard heavy bag. This allows you to position the bag in a way that allows you to have full range of movement around the bag – keeping you on your toes. 

A good punching bag session will provide you with an upper and lower body workout with your core also highly engaged. Bringing kicks as well as punches in to the mix will provide even more of a lower body challenge.

2 . Decrease Stress Levels

In addition to improving our physical health, our mental health is just as important. Most forms of exercise provide an opportunity for de-stressing but combat sports in particular have been shown to have a significant impact when it comes to de-stressing which can have a positive overall effect on our mental health.

3 . Develops Cardiovascular Health

A punching bag workout can be designed as real cardio crusher and depending on the intensity of the workout it can be an excellent means to working on strength and your cardiovascular fitness simultaneously. 

The beauty of working with a punching bag is that you can take the intensity to the level you are comfortable with and gradually increase it over time – making the free standing Punching Bag for Kids the perfect training partner no matter what level you are currently at fitness wise.

4 . Improved Co-Ordination

One of the most significant benefits of a combat style workout is the development of co-ordination. Not only is your hand-eye co-ordination taking a central focus but also your whole body co-ordination and balance. 

The benefits of focusing on developing co-ordination will have far reaching benefits that cross over in to many aspects of your day-to-day life.

5 . Weight Loss Or Strength Building

Whether you are looking to build lean muscle, lose fat or both, a combat style workout is a great tool in your arsenal. Boxing and kick boxing will hit so many different muscle groups. As you start to generate more power you will give these muscles even more of a workout and you will without doubt start to see results over time if you consistently train with a punching bag or in the ring. 

The intensity of the workout is great for overall energy expenditure which also makes it a great tool for weight loss.