Follow 7 Rules & Make Your Chest Muscles Bigger

There are a large number of body builders who have worked too hard to gain muscles in different parts of their bodies and they begin noticing lots of changes just in a few weeks or months which definitely make them feel great when they stand in front of the mirror and see their muscular legs and arms.

How Would You Feel Standing in Front of a Mirror?

Well, this is really good to see yourself getting bigger and stronger. What if you realize you have neglected a major part of your body and that is your chest? How would you feel when you notice now you have bigger and stronger legs and arms but your chest is still the same as it was few months back?

This is something which has happened with so many people. Some of them realized their mistakes in time and tried the chest exercises considered to be effective to get a muscular chest. Some of these exercises are mentioned below which will surely help you regain what you have lost.

Primary Exercises

Chest has a big muscle known as pectoralis and it can be trained by doing some certain types of exercises such as:

  • Incline bench press
  • Flat bench press
  • Dumbbell fly
  • Incline dumbbell fly
  • Parallel bar dips
  • Incline dumbbell press
  • Weighted pushups

The exercises which are mentioned above are used to stimulate pectoral muscles to enhance the process of growth to a larger extent. Therefore, you must use a combination of these exercises.

Important Rules to Follow

Rule 1

One mistake which is often made by most of the people who are working to train their chest muscles is that they use an exclusive exercise for this purpose that does not usually fulfill the requirement of your body and thus you don’t get as stronger as you should be. Therefore, you need to train and stimulate chest from all angles rather than one.

Rule 2

While you are going exercises to get bigger chest muscles, you need to keep in mind some certain things which you must follow so you can get maximum benefits.

Rule 3

If you want to get bigger chest muscles, you don’t need to perform 6 Days a week workout but you can simply work every alternative day. If you are doing a full body workout on Monday, you should take rest and next day.

Rule 4

There is a simple principle to follow which is known as pyramid principle. When you are following this principle, you will begin your exercises with more reps and less weight and when you are reaching to finishing point, you do fewer reps with more weight. This principle may be difficult for you in the beginning but this really stimulates your chest muscles quickly and effectively.

Rule 5

The 5th important thing is your healthy and balanced diet. Don’t ever ignore, this important factor that plays most important role in building your overall body muscles including chest.

Rule 6

Sixth important thing is the amount of rest you take every day.

Rule 7

Seventh rule is to simply warm up your body when you get ready to begin your exercises. This is quite good in reducing the risk of injuries.