Free Agents to Sign on Career Mode FIFA 2020

You need good players in a squad if you want to win, that’s not rocket science. But also, you have to be a pro  at FIFA yourself, however this topic is not about that. Winning players usually cost loads of cash and if they got hooked by the title, you ‘re as broke as a bone. Yet, there  is an alternative in there. In fact, even two.

First, go to the Free Agents list and pick the best of the worst.  It  includes characters with a rating of 68 or less, with the rest being surplus to high-rated sides requirements. There’s a pool to choose from, and some of those guys are on the list as well.

Two words: pre-contract offer. Remember that.   There’s a tiny loophole that lets you catch a player who has an expiring contract in Career Mode from January 1st. The real reward is player selection: you should hope to see real extremely awesome soccer stars in there.

Alrighty, let’s start with the list of Top 5 FIFA 20 free transfers you can take advantage of in your first season in the dugout.

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Walter Benítez (GK, OGC Nice)

The most highly rated keeper on the list. There are players available with a higher rating to catch on a pre-contract. But, anyway! He made it a long-term investment on our Top 5 Free Transfers list. The Argentine player, 26, has the opportunity to catch up with Casillas (38), Emiliano Viviano (33) and Adán (32).

Giorgio Chiellini (CB, Piemonte Calcio)

Juventus, or Piemonte Calcio as they are called in FIFA 20, and Giorgio Chiellini, an Italian legend, is another center-back you certainly want to watch for on January 1. The 34-year-old boasts (at least initially) an overall rating of 89 and benefits from impressive defensive qualities such as 94 defensive awareness. You’ll be looking to sign him at about £120k-195k a week.

Edinson Cavani (ST, PSG)

Want a good striker? We have a better deal to make! Another PSG player, Edinson Cavani, 32. He is the highest-ranked striker on this list, with 88 points of the initial overall. He ‘s fantastic fuckin ‘in the air and his feet are mindblowing. Only look at the following stats: 90 in volleys, 89 headings and 88 finishes. When you’re in the first season willing to pay £170k-270k in salaries.

Fernandinho (CDM, Man City)

Man City and Brazil star Fernandinho is a central defensive midfielder who confirms to be incredibly beneficial at covering any backline, taking advantage of his 89 interceptions, 89 reactions and 87 defensive awareness. You can buy him in Career Mode for about £15.6m-£21.7 m, or wait and try to sign him on January 1st for around £200k-280k (in wages).

Dries Mertens (ST, Napoli)

Another man to score the goal: Dries Mertens, from Napoli. A 32-year-old striker is showing 94 agility and 93 acceleration (in these metrics, no way will anyone get close to him on the field) and 86 in total. Do you want him on your squad? You have to find about £150k-250k each week in FIFA 20’s Career Mode to afford him.

Here you also have FIFA 20 Career Mode day-one Free Agents with the highest potential

  • CB: A. Mansour (Potential = 72)
  • CB: L. Väisänen (Potential = 76)
  • LB: R. Fernández (Potential = 74)
  • CDM: J. Pretell (Potential = 77)
  • CM: S. Slavchev (Potential = 71)
  • RM: R. Vaca (Potential = 80)
  • CAM: S. Szymański (Potential = 84)
  • ST: L. Zahović (Potential = 75)
  • ST: L. Vaca (Potential = 73)

CR = Current Rating

PR = Potential Rating

*Ages shown are the age at the start of Career Mode.