Front Box Jump – Strengthen Your Hamstrings Muscles with This Exercise

The hamstrings are considered to be really important set of muscles in human body as they play an integral role in many physical activities and different types of sports. The hamstrings are also very helpful in training, building and developing other muscles groups located in different body parts. Here are some very important factors below about hamstring and the exercises useful for them.

 The hamstring exercises should be the integral part of all workouts as the overall growth and development of the body may depend upon the power and strength of hamstrings.

 There are various exercises for training hamstrings but as a general tip, you should always begin your exercises with a steady and easy set of exercises as this will help your body warm up.

 The Front Box Jump is a great workout for working with hamstring and other muscles in the body. It is a plyometrics type exercise and you can get many benefits by performing it.

 If you include box jump into your regular routine, it will greatly help you achieve stronger and bigger hamstrings. The benefits do not end here but you can also get many others benefits by training others muscles groups such as adductors, abductors, glutes, calves and quadriceps.

Steps to Perform Front Box Jump

  1. Arrange a box of about 1-2 feet in height and put it right in front of you while you are standing on your feet.
  2. Keep your feet at a shoulder width and make a squatting position so you can jump and give a swing to your arms to send them behind.
  3. Now jump to the box as higher as you can by moving your knees, ankles and hips. Meanwhile swing your arms to bring them into forward and up position from your behind.
  4. When you are coming down from the jump, don’t directly land on the ground instead land on the box but keep your knees bent.
  5. Now you have two choices, you can simply step down or jump back to the floor.