Gain Maximum Strength with Deadlifts

Most of you know the key to get bigger and stronger is the ability to lift and push up heavy loads. One of the most popular exercises to build muscle strength as well as size is deadlift. The deadlift is used to train almost all important muscle groups which include upper body, upper back, lower back, core region and legs. The negative point that often hinders the muscles gaining process is the way you grip. A weaker grip will never help you gain the benefits from deadlifts.

An Alternative Grip Technique

You may have various other muscles groups which have got the ability to lift heavy loads but it does not mean that your grip will have equal strength and power. However, there is an alternative grip technique which is quite effective and useful for many people who want to lift even heavier. This technique includes the use of both palms one facing up and the other facing down. You may have the ability to lift heavy but this will put your arms muscles at a greater risk. Therefore, it is important to remember that you should not constancy use the alternating grip technique for longer.

Negatives of Alternative Grip

If you use alternating grip technique continuously, this may also cause your butts rotate which will put you at a greater risk to get back injury. This is something which you would never like to happen with you as in most of the cases, this type of injury often become permanent if proper care is not taken. Another negative point of using an alternating grip is that you might get muscle imbalance within your traps if you don’t toggle grips between two sets. Using the regular form of deadlifts would be better in most of the cases. If you don’t really have the idea about different grip techniques, you can scroll down to read about them.


The use of Chalk is a way to improve gripping strength. This is an exclusive kind of chalk which is made of magnesium carbonate and you can use it very easily to keep strong grip for weight lifting.


The use of straps is another way to improve your grip. These are exclusive types of straps which are made of cotton or leather. When you put these straps wraps around the bar, this will help you keep both of your hands together to develop a strong grip.

Hook Grip

Hook grip is a way to hold a barbell. In this method you put your thumb around the bar and then put your fingers to develop a strong grip. This technique is used in various weightlifting and powerlifting activities such as snatch, jerk and deadlift.

You can get maximum strength with deadlifts and these are some of the simplest gripping methods in deadlifts. Try them in your routine workout and within a very short period of time, you will discover that deadlifts techniques are really effective.