Getting that Motivation to Work Out

One of our greatest enemies in our fitness journey is the lack of motivation. Not feeling motivated can be due to various causes, both internal and external. It can affect those who are starting out, or veterans to the fitness world. No matter who you are, losing motivation can affect you. In this post, we will explain how you can get your motivation back whenever you’re just not feeling it.

Therapy for Motivation

Sometimes, motivation isn’t due to physical restrictions, but it could be mental afflictions too. If you are suffering from severe depression or another mental health ailment, you need to speak to a counselor or a therapist to help get you the motivation you need and get you motivated. Sites such as allow for online counseling or therapy on the go, giving you the much-needed motivation you deserve. Talk to a therapist today if you need help getting your groove back.

Remember That There Will Be Setbacks

So you’re doing good. You’re eating more vegetables, establishing a workout routine, and you’re kicking butt. Then, your friend invites you out to eat and you eat the entire buffet. Or you miss a day in the gym. One little setback or mistake can make you feel like your entire workout is ruined. Or you may fall into a slippery slope. Don’t let it be this way. Instead, you should continue your diet and exercise regimen, and figure out ways to avoid setbacks in the future.

Finding Motivation When You’re Not Feeling It

Depression, be it chronic or occasional, can definitely affect your motivation. Ironically, working out can help with your depression, but getting the ball rolling is always the biggest step. Make sure that you start simple and small when you are dealing with depression or anxiety. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Go outside and take a walk. Do a few sit-ups. Then, move up.

Remember That It’s Not Instant

In the age of instant gratification, it’s tough to accept that results do not come instantly. You will feel some short-term effects of working out like more energy, but doing a bunch of crunches won’t make you have a flat belly instantly. Instead, you should remember to take it slow and embrace slow change. Don’t go too hard on your first workout; you will feel too sore and it will make you lose motivation. It sounds corny, but slow and steady indeed does win the race.

Make a Schedule

When you work out, some people play it by ear. However, having a schedule can make committing to working out much easier. You don’t need to work out on the nose every day, but have a general ballpark of when you work out. This can help you get motivated and make you feel accountable should you miss working out, which is always a plus.

Motivation Should Be Taught Early

One of the biggest challenges to be motivated is coming from a childhood where you didn’t work out that much. It can be hard to break away from bad habits. If you have kids, teaching them healthy eating and workout habits is always a good thing. You can have healthy kids who love fitness, and it can inspire you too. For more information on how you can get your kids motivated, you can click here or look here for more.


It’s hard for many to find the motivation they need when working out. However, when you find the motivation, grab it and never let go. You can become a bigger and better person, and you can do so by finding that motivation and kicking some behind in the gym and in life.