GM Diet Plan to Lose Weight in 7 Days

What one would not regret is to lose weight. It is a must that today people do pull out a lot of time from their busy schedule to work out a way to one’s weight. It looks a very distant dream to many where markets are flooded with loads of techniques and diet plans.

General motors (gm) diet plan has a systematic cleansing plan that makes one to lose a tremendous amount of weight quickly. It is a 7 day plan when one can have real amount of fruits and vegetables, when one transits it into a regular eating habit and will still prevent from gaining weight back.

The gm diet plan not only makes one feel good physically but also emotionally.

With plenty of fruits, vegetables and drinking plenty of water one would boost metabolism and also prevent fatigue, muscle pain, weakness or increased body heat that comes along with shedding pounds. It is to note that alcohol has to be avoided altogether in the diet plan.

Alcohol may trigger fluid retention and prevent flushing of urea.

Through a study it is noted that women should consume 25gms and men need 38gms of fiber content in your life. Fibre plays an essential role in your digestion, heart, skin and health also it does neutralize blood sugar level, weight management and more.

Gm diet is said to have collaborated on the diet with both the food and drug administration and the US president of Agriculture, first used it in field tests at John Hopkins Research Centre in 1985.The employees who went through this diet plan witnessed a new enthusiasm and a positive vigor to work. The gm plan also known as ‘The Cabbage Diet’ or ‘Sacred Heart Diet’ has proven to be potentially better than average weight loss diet plans.

The 7 day GM diet plan chart includes different things that are to be consumed on a specific day, specific time and in specific quantity.
Day 1: eat fruits in plenty. It is the best to avoid bananas and instead have melons
Day 2: fruits are replaced with plenty of vegetables and there is no restriction.
Day 3: you can have a mixture of fruits and vegetables and more of green leafy vegetables.
Day 4: you should have bananas and soup. Bananas help in replacing potassium and sodium that you would have lost from your body.
Day 5: one can eat 10oz of beef and 6 tomatoes. One should increase water content.
Day 6: the diet again should constitute of soups, vegetables and fruits.
Day 7: on the last day of the diet chart you may have bowl of plain brown rice and for sure fruit juices and vegetables.
But any plan or any diet works best with effective exercises that leads to the perfect execution of this process.

Exercises that are vigorous should be the top priority. People have seen and experienced a drastic change after this program .As we know a coin is two faced.

Even though this plan tops the chart with positive results, it to carries certain pros and cons.It may cause detox side effects that includes sudden muscle weakness, hunger and dizziness but looking and focusing on the positive aspects that promises life time happiness and a healthy life

.It is a perfect diet plan that results in losing approximately 10-17lbs compared to 1-2lbs of other diet plans.
After 7 days we can stick back to the routine but to be very cautious of staying in the boundaries because this is only a kick start for a good approach to a healthy life.People must follow the routine religiously by overcoming their temptation as eventually we may fall a victim to gluttony that is one of the sin as portrayed in religious books.

Most of us live to eat rather than eat to live, a very cliched statement and try hard to make that flab flat by indulging in variety of diet plans and unhealthy means of taking pills and portions that claims to get you in shape.

There this plan comes as a blessing that has proved its worth.All through this plan the main energy source is water. So, 10 glasses of water each day is a must as it keeps you away from toxins and keeps you hydrated and not to forget that our body comprises of 70% of water, and so it is pivotal. And not to forget fibers and green leafy vegetables and also munching on veggie soups that contribute to a good lifestyle.
Well, the intention behind losing weight is not only to look good and get a charming figure but the belly fat makes you become a hub of diseases, so before anything attacks you pounce on them with a fit personality of yours. If we follow a healthy plan today we can certainly avoid becoming one in the coming days.

Following a strict plan is definitely not an easy one.It requires discipline, concentration, willingness and enormous hard work because when wealth is lost nothing is lost but when health is lost everything is lost. So, run for a fit you and not a fat you.