Golf and Bodybuilding: The Facts

If you ever want to start an argument in the gym, ask the question of whether golfers are athletes. While there are a wide variety of reasons both for and against the idea, the fact is that the modern golfer is in much better shape than they have ever been before. Not only are golfers stronger, fitter, and more flexible than they used to be, but they are also answering some of the questions that are raised when bodybuilding and golf crossover. It used to be that golfers would avoid weight training, and some of the myths that have grown have caused many bodybuilders to avoid golf as a low impact form of exercise. If you want to work on your muscle mass but still enjoy a few rounds of golf on your downtime, then here are the facts.

One of the main reasons why golfers have traditionally avoided building muscle is due to the myth of too much bulk affecting your swing. While there are obvious reasons for this fear, the fact is that most modern training regimes have been specifically designed to avoid the risk of size negatively affecting your ability to swing. Using a golf-specific training regime allows you to work on your muscle size gradually, with slower gains but improved core strength that is ideal for long courses. There are also machines to monitor how you’re launching balls that can help you to focus your training onto certain elements of your swing – check out some photos here.  If the worry of your reduced swing ability is putting you off, then it might be worth picking up some professional golf irons and booking your tee time. Decide where you want your gains, and design your golf training around your body ambitions.

Nobody seems to be quite sure where this second myth started, but it’s certainly one of the easiest to disprove. Rather than negatively impacting your flexibility, weight training will actually improve it. That’s because resistance training improves many muscle factors such as blood flow and tendon strengthening. When you incorporate a stretching program into your training regime, then you’re going to be benefiting both your muscle building and your golfing flexibility. For those who are concentrating on their golf rather than their mass, then designing a golf-specific training regime is a lot easier to achieve than you think and will improve both your strength and your flexibility.

One of the most common fears for bodybuilders who play golf is that they will lose the feel of the game as they grow. This is simply not true. The fact is that for anyone with a dedicated passion for health, the feel for the game is more likely to improve after training. That’s because you have a much greater awareness of your body, meaning that you are far better equipped physically to notice the different sensations when you strike the ball. You will have a better sense of balance and control as well, meaning that this myth is one that should be dismissed as quickly as possible.

With professional gyms offering a wide range of programs that incorporate training techniques and styles for golfers, there’s less reason than ever for bodybuilders to avoid the green. With golf-specific training available no matter where you are, it’s never been easier to work on your gains at the same time as aiming for that birdie!