How Many Grams of Sugar should you have a day to lose weight?

Sugar intake per day, has a drastic impact on excessive weight, and a wide number of other health related problems like obesity, type II diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases. Sugar can be called as a demon that drives our obesity epidemic because it enters into our bloodstream faster than any other food. And, for some people it has, because their body type is adapted to that kind of affects. Changing environment conditions and other factors, are leading many people to fall under this category of having sugar as their ultimate enemy for having increased weight conditions.
In this regard, for the numerous people suffering with excessive weight, a number of studies, research and surveys are conducted by many associations and experts in that field, to reveal the true nature of sugar and its impact on our body. And, all of these studies have proven this to be true that, sugar intake has a drastic and realistic effect on an excessive weight.

In order to stay healthy and avoid these drastic effects of sugar on our body, the American Heart Association saying about “how many grams of sugar should you have a day”, has recommended not more than 6 teaspoons or 25 grams of sugar should be taken by women; and not more than 9 teaspoons or 36 grams of sugar should be taken by men. This is the limit set by the American Heart Association as, the Daily sugar intake for weight loss.

This recommended sugar intake in a day is proven to keep you healthy, as it is the daily limit that one can take per day. The excessive intake of food items that contain a lot of added sugar as their ingredient is very dangerous for your health and may become a reason for your excessive weight.

The recommended daily sugar intake is given by the American Heart Association, based on a thorough research conducted by itself on the American citizens and their daily usage of sugar. The results are based on an extensive research conducted by the association and are the pre-requisites for anyone who is aiming for a weight loss or for a good health.

For people suffering with overweight and are desperately looking a way to lose weight, it completely depends on how much sugar a day, they intake. So, it is absolutely better for those people suffering with overweight to avoid the sugar intake as much as possible. And, it is completely necessary that these people should also avoid consuming foods that have sugar in them. Hence, it is better to stick to this rule of avoiding sugar items, and stick to real, single ingredient foods. And, it is very dangerous for those people who are addicted to sugar, and those who never ever take their food without sugar. These people who are addicted to sugar intake in their normal food, should develop abstinence towards avoidance of sugar, and develop eating normal foods without sugar.

The following foods are to be completely avoided from your diet. They are soft drinks, fruit juices, candies and sweets, baked items, low fat or diet foods, dried fruits and fruits canned in syrup.