A Guide to Common Workout Supplements

Once you’ve finished a workout, your body will be in a state that demands good nutrition. Your muscles will develop microtears which knit back together to grow larger and your brain will be releasing endorphins that make you feel great. To take advantage of this period, you’ll need to invest in sports supplements.


One of the most common workout supplements iscreatine. Take pre or post-workout, Creatine has been proven to increase energy that can help lead to increases in mass and size. You need to take 5g daily for any proven effect to take place. It’s a naturally occurring substance that pulls water into your muscle cells to increase protein synthesis.

Put simply, it’s a great way to increase energy which lets you lift more and in turn increase muscle size.


Protein is popular as a pre and post workout supplement. Naturally occurring in lots of foods, a protein supplement such as a whey protein shake will increase your muscle gains and help aid in repair since protein is a vital building block in the human body. You should aim to consume at least 25% of your calories as protein, which can be gotten from foods such as meat, fish, pulses, nuts and beans.


Branch chain amino acids are elements of protein that help muscle synthesis and repair. They can be taken as a shake or in tablet form and help you recover from tough workouts as well as aid in the process of muscle growth.


Generally included in pre-workout supplements, Caffeine is great for lifters as it provides a boost of energy and also helps burn off fat. Caffeine also improves endurance, but you’ll need to be careful with it as it can alter your coordination.


ZMA is a blend of zinc and magnesium that is used to increase testosterone production and help your body recover. Increased hormone response helps to boost your metabolism and mental cognitive function.

Mass Gainers

Another common supplement comes in the form of mass gainers, which are generally calorie-packed with carbohydrates and protein to help those that don’t eat enough get their calories in to build muscle and size without having to go through lengthy meal preparation.