Gym Bag Essentials

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Whether you’re a beginner working on your summer body or just need a little refresher on what to take for your workout, we’re listing the essentials you should pack in your gym bag.

1. Gym shoes and inserts

Of course, the first is the shoes. It’s not recommended that you wear your gym shoes for the journey as it’s much better to keep them clean and dry.

If you’re planning to hit the treadmill or want to ensure your posture stays in proper form, specific insoles or inserts could help you protect your ankles and prevent injury.

2. Towels

Even if you don’t plan on taking a shower till you get home, it’s nice to be able to freshen up between reps or before leaving the gym.

If you’re going to shower at the gym, perhaps take a small and large towel. One for when you’re sweating and the other for when you’re clean.

3. Face wash

Although you can shower at home, washing your face after a workout is always a good idea to keep your pores clean and healthy.

4. Joint support

Stashing away sports recovery sleeves for strenuous workouts will keep your joints protected and prevent overstretching or injury. Supports work both during recovery and for prevention, so it’s always good to have a knee, wrist, or elbow brace handy. Shop for supports for all your joints at Bearhug (but maybe don’t rock up to the gym wearing all of them at once).

5. Padlock

If there’s one thing everyone forgets when going to the gym, it’s a padlock for the locker. And make sure you’ve got the key! There’s probably nobody at the gym that’s going to rifle through the changing rooms, but it’s always better to keep your phone, keys, and wallet safe. Plus, leaving your things in a locker means you don’t have to carry them around the gym with you.

6. A high carb or high protein snack

Those heading to the gym before or after work should pack a snack. High carb energy bars will give you that extra boost you need before hitting the machines, while a protein bar can tie you over till lunch (or breakfast).

7. Anti-fungal spray

Yep, you heard that right. Athlete’s foot is a common locker room infection that can easily become a problem for you and your feet. We’re not saying you’ll need it, but a small anti-fungal guard or spray might be your saving grace – especially if you’re starting a gym you’ve never been to before.

8. Heart rate monitor

There are so many fitness trackers and watches these days that almost everyone has a way to monitor their heart rate. If you don’t, some workout machines can do it for you. Monitoring heart rate is particularly helpful for those doing interval training. While there’s plenty of other things you probably need to take, you don’t want to be arriving with a suitcase of stuff. As long as you’ve got the right gym gear to keep you and your body safe and strong, the rest can be used when you get home.