19 Things You Should Never Do at Gym

If you are making mess at the gym during your workouts, it is the right time for you to clean up your mess. There are some useful tips which will greatly help you improve your personality and image at the gym so you can make some good friends who can help you perform even better. There is a list of things that you must avoid while working at a gym with other people.

  1. Never leave the plates where you are finished; keep them at their place from where you picked.
  2. Don’t pick the pieces of equipment that someone else is using but ask their permission before using them.
  3. When you have finished with sweating workouts, don’t leave the bench and other equipment as they are but wipe them up with a piece of clothe so that the others don’t feel bad about it.
  4. Never stare at the females doing cardio or working out at the same gym. They will notice and might lodge complaint against you to the gym management.
  5. If you are using bosu ball, you should avoid it as the fitness experts believe that bous ball often makes exercises very dangerous especially for beginners.
  6. Don’t over train chest, abs or biceps workouts.
  7. Don’t ever bring a bag full of chocolates or ice-creams and eat at the gym before or after workout.
  8. If you think performing 1 thousand crunches in a day will get you magical appearance of your six packs, you are wrong and you must avoid overtraining.
  9. Don’t ever try to be smart at the gym and advise the strangers on how to improve their workout to get better results.
  10. If you are doing triceps dumbbell kickbacks, you should not put on lifting belt.
  11. Don’t look into the mirror every time you are done with abs workouts.
  12. If you intend to lift up your shirt so you can wipe your face up, you should never do this as this will leave very bad impression on others looking at you.
  13. Don’t upload barbell being in use of others and you are not sure if they are done with them or not.
  14. When getting the help of a spotter, don’t let you come into the way of others working out nearby.
  15. If there are girls workout out near you, don’t offer your services to be a spotter for her on squats. Whenever she needs a spotter, she will herself request you.
  16. Some people try deadlift while using smith machine which is absolutely wrong and if you are making the same mistake, avoid this.
  17. If you have not completed your sets yet, don’t gossip with others especially when you are in the middle of something.
  18. If someone is doing squats, deadlifts, power clean or overhead press, don’t walk near them as it may cause them get distracted from what they are doing.
  19. Don’t try to help someone correcting deadlift or squat when you really have no idea how to do a correct form.