Best Hack Squat Machine 2019

A competent approach to training the hips consists of grueling, painful and very, very hard work. It includes a training program, and a properly formulated diet, and, of course, proven sports nutritional supplements. An essential role in this is played by genetics (although not paramount). To swing the leg muscles is not at all the same as, for example, swinging the chest muscles. If something in the training of legs can be called paramount, then it will most likely be the ability to work through I cannot and the ability to overcome myself.

Of course, the training of quadriceps causes a pain that is not similar, also demanding considerable fortitude. But another way to bodybuilding success no, it was not, and it is unlikely ever to appear. But the reward will be large and well-developed quadriceps! It is doubtful that any exercise will be able to compete with classic squats for gaining a net weight! After all, squatting with a bar activates most of the muscle fibres of the hips, and not only in quadriceps. However, an experienced bodybuilder needs something more than just impressive volumes: you can hardly see the separation of the leg muscles of the power lifter, and after all, its strength and mass can be incredible! Strength in squats is important, but among the goals of a power lifter, there is no desire for symmetry and deep drawing of muscles. In the career of any bodybuilder, be it a pro or an amateur, there comes a moment when the masses are no longer the only training goal. After the first years of training, it is worth thinking about the balance of the development of muscle symmetry in the preparation of training programs. There may be a need for some new exercises to give the hips decent equality and proportionality. One of the main methods for accomplishing these tasks is constant muscle tension during the execution of a set. Continuous stress does not allow the muscles to relax at any point of amplitude.

The best exercise for the implementation of this method in relation to the thighs are hack-squats, this is a great invention of our compatriot of the multiple record holder in weightlifting and the French wrestling champion Greg Hackenschmidt.

Quadriceps. Anatomy Tour

The front surface of the thigh consists of four large muscles, which are collectively called quadriceps. Three wide thigh muscles originate on the corresponding parts of the femur: the broad outer muscle of the thigh – on the outer, the inner wide – on the inner, the intermediate wide – on the front and middle. The intermediate broad muscle of the thigh lies deep between the external and internal wide muscles. The rectus muscle is the fourth muscle of the quadriceps. Unlike the three thick muscles, it begins on the pelvic bone, on the iliac crest, just above the hip joint. All four muscles, together with the rectus femoris, are transferred to the quadriceps tendon. It attaches to the patella and continues to go further down the calf in the form of a patellar tendon (patellar ligament),

With these muscles, we straighten the leg at the knee. The rectus femoris, in addition, bends the leg at the hip joint, lifting the thigh to the chest. This helps her iliopsoas muscle. When the leg is bent at the hip joint, for example, when performing the extension of the legs while sitting, the rectus muscle is in a weak position. Therefore, performing the extensions of the legs while sitting, you perfectly stimulate the three broad muscles of the thigh, but almost do not load the rectus muscle. Hack squat machine do a better job with this, because most of the amplitude of leg movement is straightened in the hip joints, and the rectus muscles of the thighs can work well.

Hack-squats. Principles of success

The best hooks are not strictly vertical but have a small (about 15 degrees) backward slope. By leaning back, you straighten the legs in the hip joints more and thereby stretch the rectus muscles of the thighs, which allows them to participate in the extension of the knee joints actively. In addition, this angle creates optimal conditions for maintaining constant tension in the muscles during exercise. Shoes Make sure you have shoes with a good grooved sole, which will allow you not to slide on the platform. For an emphasis shoulder in this exercise machine special small pillows are provided. They create comfortable conditions for the shoulders, eliminating the possibility of termination of the set due to pain in the trapezium.