Hamstring Exercises for Runners

The hamstring muscles cover a big area of thigh from the backside. These muscles have lots of importance especially for the runners who have to use them when they push off the surface of the ground. The sudden shock demands hamstring to be strong so they can bear these shocks. Between hamstring and quadriceps, when you compare what should be stronger than the other, you realize quadriceps require to be at least twenty five percent stronger but on the other hand weak and less strong hamstring also causes to develop imbalance which might result into various injuries.

There are some great hamstring exercises for runners which can help you keep your hamstrings flexible as well as stronger. If these exercises are followed properly these can protect and strengthen muscles and also minimum the risk of getting injured during running.

Hamstring Exercises for Speed

As mentioned above those hamstrings are most important especially for runner and when it is about running, the most important thing is speed. The hamstring is the area which has composition of 3 muscles known as semimembranosus, semitendinosus, and biceps femoris. All of these muscles which cover the area between knee & hip play their major role in straightening and expanding the hip and in bending or flexing the knee. Therefore, they are considered to be extremely important in jumping, walking and running. If you are a runner but your workout does not include exercises for strong hamstring, you need to reconsider your workout.

Running Hamstring Stretches

Thought, the main purpose of your workouts is to gain straight but another important factor is flexibility which is important and protects muscles of hamstring yet often ignored. The experts advise that you must stretch hamstrings right before and after you finish your running session as this will increase flexibility in your muscles.

These stretches are quite easy to perform and when you are standing, simply bend your knees slightly and move your waist to move to the forward position as this will help you hang over the lower body. Stay in this position for about 1 minute of less.

In case of having some kind of problem with your back of you feel that your hamstrings are tighter than the normal, you can put your foot on a little higher place like steps and then bend to the forward from the join of your hip.

Another type of stretch can be performed by keeping the back and knees straight and standing on single leg. When you will stand on one leg, the other leg will be placed on a chair. When you have taken this position, try to lean forward carefully to perform hamstring stretches for runners.

Hamstring Exercises Runners

You can use Swiss ball exercise for making your hamstring stronger. This is simple but enjoyable exercise as you just have to lie on surface of the ground while your feet are put on top of a Swiss ball. Now elevate your back by lifting your hips. However, your weight would be on shoulder blades. Now try to roll the Swiss ball towards your body by making a 90 degree angle of your knees. Stay in this position for a little time and then send the ball back to its previous position. You can repeat this move for about ten times.