Trend Watch – New Health and Wellness Apps Have Entered the Market

In recent years, the number of mobile apps being designed in the health and wellness industry has risen. With more than 350,000 digital health apps available and users constantly downloading new ones, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most profitable sectors for involvement.

Users are expecting more from their applications, though, which means that if you are ahead of the trends, your health and wellness app will be the one to beat. Here are the top trends you’ll want to keep an eye on in 2022.

Providing Online Education

As this trend shows, online education is expected to become a large part of the health and wellness app industry. Users might look for advice on how to perform a specific exercise, learn more about something their doctor mentioned during an appointment, or even access online streaming classes for yoga, kickboxing, and more.

Nutrition Advice

In addition to accessing information online, people continually use health and wellness apps to help guide them through the process of becoming healthier. Users may want to track daily exercise progress, set fitness goals, or check on what they’re eating and how it affects their overall health. Providing an app that encompasses these features will help separate your app from the rest.

Social Sharing

Another trend that is picking up speed in recent years is social media integration. Nowadays, users want to share their experiences and achievements with their friends and family through apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This not only helps increase participation but also encourages other users to get involved. You could even create a way for users to invite friends and family members to participate in the app with them, such as sending out a weekly challenge and seeing who can complete it first.

Synchronize With Multiple Devices

Nowadays, the average household has 25 devices equipped with internet access, which means users are spending more time on their devices. Unfortunately, this also means that health and wellness apps must sync with multiple devices. Without this feature, users will find another app that can meet their needs or give up entirely because they don’t want to switch back and forth between different apps.

Fitness Tracking

Although the fitness tracking trend has become more prevalent in recent years, it is not expected to slow down anytime soon. Users will continue to look for ways to track their daily steps, weight loss progress, and overall physical health. By making a healthy lifestyle a priority for your app, you can easily attract those who are interested in upping their fitness games.

Predictive Analytics

Since many health and wellness apps use various forms of data they collect to inform users about how they can improve their health, expect this trend to become more prevalent in 2022. This will allow your application to give users real-time feedback about their bodies while offering suggestions for improvement based on the collected data.

Avoiding Distraction

One of the biggest mistakes designers can make is being too focused on making their app visually appealing; they forget to focus on what truly matters. Your application should be clutter-free and easy to use while avoiding features that make it slow or difficult to navigate. By keeping users coming back for more instead of constantly looking for novel features, your app will be able to provide a rich experience that is both engaging and easy to use.

Geolocation Integration

This trend is expected to take the world by storm when it comes to health and wellness apps. The overall goal of providing geolocation integration is to help users become healthier by seeing just how much they are moving every day. This can include tracking steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, or even time spent outside within a specific timeframe.

Personalized Experience

In the past, healthcare apps were designed for a large number of people and simply provided all users with the same information that anyone else received. However, as time has passed and technology has advanced, apps like this are becoming more personalized and specific to individual needs, as explained by Digital Authority Partners. If you want to stay ahead of trends, you might want to consider creating a more customized experience for your users, such as creating a profile and tailoring the app based on their needs.

Online Chat And Consultation

Users are taking health into their own hands by using apps that immediately connect them with medical professionals. Your app could help users find an allergy specialist, provide information on the nearest blood donation center, or even allow users to speak with a doctor or nurse about symptoms they may be experiencing. With the growth of online healthcare, investing in an app that gives users access to this information could be a valuable resource.

Push Reminders And Notifications

Tracking health and wellness can be a full-time job.  Having to constantly check your app for needed information only adds to the bother. An essential feature of any health and wellness app should be push notifications and reminders so that your users receive the necessary alerts at the appropriate time.  You will not only save them from needing to constantly check their phone for this information but also help them be more proactive about their health and wellness.


As you can see, the health and wellness industry is expected to continue growing in years to come. By incorporating these trends into your app, you can easily connect with many users who are interested in living a healthier lifestyle.