Health And Wellness Trends of 2020

As a new year begins new trends come up in every industry. There are also trends that remain from one year to the next. Health and wellness trends are no exception and with each trend.

In 2020, the desire to improve your health and wellness will increase as you improve, set up, and implement new ideas and smaller habits. From fitness, wellness tourism to embracing technology among many more in health and wellness, below are health and wellness trends for 2020 that you should expect. 

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Beverage manufacturing on the rise

Supplements continue to be popular

Beverage manufacturing is also going to be in the spotlight as major changes take place to ensure that the industry can keep up with evolving consumer demands. A combination of health, wellness, and sustainability of the planet is on the rise as consumers continue embracing organic foods and drinks.

Consumers are also opting for mashups and cocktails as the beverage industry tries to keep up by producing “healthy” beverages and minimize food waste. Even the packaging has changed to eco-friendly packaging as manufacturers embrace the use of fewer plastic materials in their packaging and focus on convenience for a sustainable future as part of wellness in 2020. Learn more about beverage manufacturing and how it works to help start planning and bring your nutritional beverage ideas to fruition.

Supplements continue to be popular 

Keeping our bodies as healthy as it possibly can be will never go out of style. Whether that’s eating right, or regular exercise, the importance of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle cannot be stressed enough. When the body is happy, this impacts so many other aspects of life – sleep is improved, confidence is increased, and managing everyday life just seems easier.

Of course, not everyone is confident that they’re able to get what they need from their food alone, so they may look to supplement their diets with extra nutrients from supplements similar to Sirt Complete, depending on what their goals are. For example, for those who are bulking up, extra protein will help to increase muscle mass and give them the physique they are looking for. For the everyday individual simply looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and keep their bodies functioning happily, supplements from brands like Gundry MD can help things like digestion, support the immune system, and promote overall well-being. It is important to ensure that you have a healthy combination of prebiotics and probiotics, taking a supplement such as Multi GI 5 combines both elements and supports overall health.

Use of technology in mental wellness

Mental health, wellness and awareness are on the rise, especially with so many cases of people suffering from neurological disorders, anxiety, and stress. To promote mental health, there has been the use of technology and advanced solutions to combat some of the biggest barriers to these treatments. Stigma, availability, time, and cost are among the major barriers and digital solutions like mental health apps have come up to ensure that people receive flexible care.

Virtual therapy apps like TalkSpace which give patients the ability to get in touch with professional counselors via text, call, and video teleconferencing are also a great boost. Health gears with a wearable system that can be used to monitor and analyze a user’s physiological signals are also beneficial in preventing oncoming panic attacks. You simply have to connect the gear via Bluetooth to your cell phone. Your cell phone will then store, transmit, and analyze the physiological data intelligently.

A rise in experiential wellness

The number of people wanting to experience wellness is rising. Some are calling it a “glow up”, where they become more conscious of their beauty or health, the IHGTC blog talks about this in more detail. From services that provide wellness to planning trips around wellness, there’s no denying that there will be a huge shift come 2020. A rising number of people are attending wellness events and retreats so as to experience something new and breathtaking. The top wellness experiences that most people are ready to try out in 2020 include wellness festivals, spa retreats, and cleansing events.

Even travelers are embracing wellness as most book fitness, or wellness services whenever they are away from home. Most of these services include activities like camping in stunning locations, yoga exercises; outdoor activities, and socializing which combine the physical, mental and emotional needs of each individual providing an opportunity to experience multiple dimensions of wellness. Learn more here.

Luxurious sleep

Ample sleep is important in everyone’s health and wellness journal and a critical factor in enhancing productivity. With so many people having busy schedules, many are usually exhausted at work forcing some to regularly take a nap in the comfort of their cars. Sleep deprivation has been known to have adverse health effects on the body. One of the health and wellness trends in 2020 is that people can finally enjoy a nap, which is considered to be more productive since, after a nap, the mind is more focused, promoting health and wellness.

The use of nap bars allows you to take a nap every time each week. Even though studies show that only a small percentage of around 17% of people have tried a nap pod the demand for nap bars and nap pods is steadily growing. The only catch is limited access to nap pods. 

Also, some of the latest advancements in the tech world have led to the manufacture of smart mattresses and meditative sleep headbands which are great for your wellness. These sleep solutions which can be incorporated into your modern lives help in reducing sleep fatigue making your body’s systems function effectively.

As you can see, both physical as well as emotional wellness has taken a positive turn which is a great path towards being and staying healthy. More people continue opening up to new possibilities to enhance their health and wellness by using technology, a shift in mindset, and applying practices such as meditation, yoga practices like kundalini yoga, martial arts, nature therapy, and the use of herbal remedies among many others.