Health Benefits from Training Martial Arts

What are martial arts?

We may have built a little incorrect image of what martial arts are because what TV and movies mainly show us is solely a violent side of them.

Actually, all kinds of martial arts are structured for self-defense through control, discipline, respect and mobilizing your physical, mental and spiritual power rather than violence. These are the real methods, through which martial arts help to reach a harmony in one’s body and soul.

If you are looking for a new hobby to start living healthy and keep your body in shape, martial arts can be something you really need to know about. It may even be worth researching karate schools in jacksonville fl (or your local area) for your children to try out a new hobby, and get them involved at a young age to really sharpen their skills.

There are a lot of different kinds of martial arts. Some of them are quite old with centuries of rich history – Karate, or Judo for example. There are modern martial arts as well – like MMA (mixed martial arts).

You will need to make a little research or even attend a few classes of each to find out which one fits you the most. Although all of them will seem to be different in a number of ways, there is something they all have in common.

It is the health benefits, which the martial arts will provide to both – your physical health and your mental health. Let us have a closer look at what happens to your body when you start practicing martial arts.

Health Benefits from Training Martial Arts

Strengthening your muscles

Just in a few months, you will start seeing how your body is becoming powerful, muscles toned, you will feel full of energy and life. In addition, your image in a mirror starts becoming more athletic, powerful and strong giving you more self-confidence.

However, you should always be cautious about injuries – always try to use the best fighting equipment. Especially boxing gloves. It can save you a lot of pain.

Benefits to the cardiovascular system

As we all know in the modern world heart attack and other heart-related diseases are one of the most common health issues around the globe.

As the medical sciences develop steadily more effective ways to fight cardiovascular problems are being invented. Still, none of them are as effective in preventing heart-related problems at the early stage as physical exercises, especially martial arts.
A heart is a muscle and like any other muscle, it becomes stronger when exercised regularly.

Therefore, the best medicine is practicing a sport which stresses the heart. Studies have shown that just in a few years after you start practicing martial arts the chance of cardiovascular health issues decreases drastically.

Also, it reduces blood pressure and cholesterol level in your blood.

Losing weight

One hour of practice in any martial art makes your body consume about 500-700 kilocalories (according to your age, gender, and size).

If you exercise regularly it is possible to lose up to 2 kg of fat per week.

In addition, a good thing is that physical training is much more natural and safe way to lose weight in comparison with difficult food diets where you have to stress your body by creating a deficit of certain substances there (hydrocarbons for example).

Total benefits from martial arts go far beyond your body’s health and include mental and spiritual health as well.

Reducing stress

No need to say how big of a problem a stress is in the modern world. We have tried different methods to reduce stress in everyday life. From prescription drugs (which are often addictive and with severe side effects) to natural herbal healers.

But when stress is concerned hardly is anything as effective as regular physical exercise. Training in any kind of martial arts helps your brain to produce the “be happy” neurotransmitters – endorphins and dopamine. They stay in your body and maintain your good mood for as long as 3-4 hours after a training session.

Increasing self-confidence

As in the case of any other sport, spending your time and energy on something you enjoy doing and seeing the results afterward is probably the biggest reward anyone can get. Satisfaction from your devotion to sports will boost your self-esteem.

The basis of almost all martial arts is about respecting your opponent. So practicing martial arts will not only increase your self-confidence but teach you how to respects others as well.

Self-discipline, focus, self-control

Again, these are probably the most important factors in making your way to excelling any kind of martial art.

It is impossible to have a progress unless you learn how to control yourself and balance your inner and outer power. These are the skills which will definitely be useful for you not only in martial arts or sports in general but in every aspect of your life.

As a summary we can conclude, that if you are interested in keeping your body in shape, losing extra weight, or just be in more control of your physical and mental energy, there is a way that is useful, challenging, fun and entertaining at the same time. That is practicing martial arts.