Health Benefits Of London Broil

When most people look at the London Broil, they wouldn’t associate it with healthy eating. After all, it is a 2 and a half-pound slab of red meat that looks like a big juicy steak. That couldn’t be too healthy right, especially not for the heart. Well, this is just one of the many misleading things surrounding the London Broil. It is, in fact, a much healthier dish than most would imagine. Another misleading thing about this dish is that is actually does not come from London. It was a dish that originated and gained popularity in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1931. The only major difference is that people were marinating and broil the dish back then, whereas most people today just grill. Of course, that’s beside the point. You’re here for the health benefits, and that’s what you’re about to learn all about.

Aiding In Weight Loss

Given the fact that the London Broil is considered lean meat, it can be a suitable source of healthy protein without causing you to overdo it in the caloric department. Each 2 and ½ pound serving provides 27 grams of protein. This is nearly half of what you need for an entire day based on a 2,000-calorie diet. Consuming this protein-dense dish will make you feel fuller for longer periods of time while also providing the energy that you need for increased physical activity. Both of which are things that you are going to need to aid you in weight loss.

Immune System Health

Any professional from Corrie Cooks will tell you that adequate levels of iron are essential for a healthy and functioning immune system. There is simply no denying that lean cuts of beef like the London Broil are capable of providing that needed iron. Literally, 2 and ½ ounces of the meat contains 14 percent of the iron that you’ll need in a given day. Not only this but when you pair that beef with iron-rich plants like dark greens and leafy vegetables, you’ll train your body to more easily accept iron. London Broil is also packed with zinc and B vitamins, so you’ll be healing and warding off potential infections like no body’s business.

Prevention Of Heat Diseases

Here is another one that is going to shock most people, especially given that London Broil could be considered a red beef. Well, a 2011 study proved all this a myth. In fact, it showed that regular consumption of lean beef like the London Broil will lower LDL levels while also helping prevent heart diseases. It is possible that this is entirely possible thanks to the linoleic acid. This is a fatty acid that lowers overall cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. Combine this with the large amounts of selenium, and you’ll be doing your heart a major justice.


Eating healthy isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. This is especially true when it seems like most healthy food tastes like leafy plants or rubber meat. That obviously won’t be the case when you opt for London Broil. With this meat, you’ll literally be getting the best of both worlds.