Healthy Kitchen in Your Fitness Journey

Healthy Kitchen in Your Fitness JourneyIn this day and age, your health starts and ends with the foods we eat. Many of people’s problems start with the food we consume and we consume them. It’s not an odd thing for people to go for flavor while often not worrying about the short and long-term effects of such a diet on their health.

Cooking unhealthy good isn’t the only habit that’s slowly killing us, there are many other things around the kitchen that can cause a lot of problems to your body and you don’t even know about it.

Here are some kitchen habits you need to change for a healthier, happier life:

Poor ventilation

Indoor air quality can suffer quite drastically without proper ventilation. Pollutants can invade your home’s air and cause serious problems to your health. Most of the air pollutants come from gas burners and cooking burners, but overheating oil can release dangerous particles into the air as well that can cause a lot of damage.

The effects of unhealthy air are apparent in the bloodstream; reduced oxygen delivery to organs and tissues combined with the toxic air that you’re breathing in which can be infested with the bad kind of bacteria.

When the oil is overheated, volatile compounds are produced that can release into the air; these compounds can be a variety of possible cancer-causing agents.

Overheating Cooking Oil

Overheating cooking olive oil: Natural oils can withstand different levels of high temperature, for some kind of natural oils the threshold for temperature tolerance is leaner and for a few, it’s higher.

Normally, a heated up cooking oil is known as unsafe when it gets to its smoking point i,e, the temps of which it commences to chemically break down and smoke.

At this time, the molecules break down into glycerol and free essential fatty acids, and the glycerol reduces further to create dangerous fumes and free radicals.

This also causes lack of the antioxidants within the oil. So it is wise to grab engine oil with better smoke cigars value if you would like to use for cooking food.

Not opting in for an Air Fryer

The air fryer is honestly the best invention that has been created to cut down on oil consumption and ultimately help improve health. For anyone following a strict diet to lose weight, cutting down on fried foods is the most difficult. You can check out an air fryer buying guide to find the best air fryer.

There is no doubt that air fryers provide the same old fried taste to foods without the oil. Less than 5% of the oil is required by air fryers as compared to conventional frying methods (if any at all).

Cutting down on oil can help you feel healthy, have lower cholesterol, reduced cardiovascular disease risks, fewer problems with diabetes and more.

Using aluminum foil for hot food

High level of aluminum in food has been linked to serious health problems such as hypercalcemia which is the excess of calcium in the blood that weakens bones and messes with the mineral density, ultimately causing osteoporosis later in life.

While it is completely safe to wrap cold food or food that is just mildly hot in aluminum foil, it is not advised to heat food over and over again in the foil.

Generally speaking, this is an unavoidable thing to do and things like parchment/wax paper can act as alternatives.

At the end of the day, what’s more important? Cutting down on some bad habits or you and your family’s health? It’s a requirement to keep healthy, even if it means to change a few things in life.