Here’s a No-equipment but Productive Workout Plan for You!

Many of us find it hard to hit the gym on a regular basis. The reason behind this differs from individual.

Some get pressed for time every now and then. Their routine gym visit is the first thing which gets affected most of the time.

For others, it is a deliberate choice. They start opting for other alternatives for shedding those extra kilos than hitting the gym every day.

Be it for sustained fitness or to get back in shape, why not to try a workout plan which lasts only for a few minutes? Say 20 minutes tops, and something that can be performed almost anywhere; that too without equipment and using little space.

Even these short span stretches prove to be beneficial if done seriously and with a purpose.

Try and make it intense as shorter periods can be more effective than longer workouts.

One – You don’t lose interest or slack down with repetitions. 2 – You never falter even on a holiday. When you know that you have to spare only 20 minutes; you essentially make it a part of your ADL (Activities of Daily Living). Just like shining your teeth or taking a bath.

Here are a few exercises which you can perform as a circuit, i.e. doing one set of each with minimal rest between the two.

Body-weight Squat: The squat determines how well you run, jump, or lunge and therefore acts as a foundation for all lower-body exercises. Squat strengthens your lower body by working all the major leg muscles.

While performing, it is very important to maintain a proper posture, otherwise loading the pattern with weight can be riskier.

As much as it is beneficial, it can be equally bad if ill-performed. Be prepared for lower back issues if you aren’t cautious.

Start by performing at least 20 squats in quick succession before moving to the next exercise.

Incline Push-Up: Incline push-ups target the muscles of the chest, triceps and front of shoulders. It is to be performed like a regular push-up but the only difference with this is to place your hands on an elevated surface and not on the floor.

Perform at least 20 repetitions of incline push-up to build muscular endurance.

Hip Thrust: Hip thrust is one of the most important lower body workouts, known to improve the endurance power and speed of the lower body.

Start with 12 thrusts in a row and then increase it, till you manage to repeat it 20 times. Once you get comfortable with it, challenge yourself a little by not touching the floor when you come down.

Walking Lunge: Lunges is a great exercise to strengthen the hips and develop thigh muscles. The two sets of muscles which get involved here are the hip extensors and knee extensors.

Walking lunges is considered better than the other variant (stationary lunges) as it uses all the leg and thigh muscles.

It improves balance and symmetrically tones your body. It is also useful towards hip flexibility and core stability. Perform it 20 times, 10 times with each leg.

Standard Push-Up: Although considered to be one of the easiest exercise movements, the standard push-up activates nearly every muscle in your body. Its many benefits include a toned body and increased endurance levels.

Start with 20 repetitions, and you can go on to increase the difficulty level with every passing day. Push-ups in this quick high-intensity routine can also help you shed weight faster.

Crunch: Crunches involve the movement of muscles at the front of your abdomen and can build endurance in the abdominal region. You can start by performing 25 crunches in one go.

All these exercises when performed in quick succession make up for a single circuit. Repeat the circuit 3-4 times, or as many times as you can within a 20 minutes time span. Take rest for 2 minutes after each circuit.

There is nothing like clubbing these workouts with healthy fitness practices. Not just it yields more and offers wondrous physical results but induces mental wellbeing to a great level.

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