Here’s Why You Should Include Caffeine in Your Workout Routine

Generally speaking, when we think of healthy activities and foods, caffeine is put on the list of things to avoid. The bad reputation comes from noted side effects like anxiety and other mood disorders. However, caffeine has many great benefits. Some of these can even help you as you push through difficult exercises. You can get your caffeine from a variety of sources, but it’s best to choose the simpler and healthier options. Sodas are known for their high caffeine levels but they also contain extreme levels of sugar. Healthier caffeine options are black coffee or green leaf, certain non-herbal teas and even coconut water. The key is moderation and using the right amount to get the most effective results. Here are seven reasons why you should include caffeine in your workout routine.

  • Fat Burner

Exercise is certainly great for external results but caffeine can help jumpstart some internal processes, too. On the various spots where fats collect, like hips, the stomach area or thighs it’s hard to get the fat burning. With caffeine as part of your supplements, your nervous system gets a jolt and tells the stored fat cells in your body to break down. In this way, the caffeine can help you burn fat by triggering hormone releases. The hormone your brain releases that best help in shrinking stored fat cells is adrenaline. Adrenaline flows through your system and causes the breakdown of fat cells that the body can use for other purposes.

  • Longer Endurance

At the beginning of an exercise program or a particular routine, you might find it hard to finish and give up. You might feel sluggish and want to stop. Caffeine can help increase your endurance levels. The caffeine will assist in your workout by making it seem easier to do, even if you’re exercising for a longer period of time. This is also comes from it being a stimulant which can help provide you more energy.

  • Raise Your Metabolism

Your body’s metabolic rate is how quickly it burns usable calories during times of non-exercise. Typically, children have extremely high metabolisms and it slows over time because of aging. With aging and the slowing of metabolism, the easier it becomes for our bodies to hold onto fat. A slow metabolism also means an increased difficulty in taking the weight off. Caffeine can help speed up your metabolism so that you can get closer to your goals.

  • Lowered Pain Levels

Everyone who works out regularly is used to feeling sore or physically exhausted. The common phrase that people say is no pain, no gain but caffeine can help bring you some comfort. Having roughly 3 cups of coffee up to an hour before your workout can limit your ability to acknowledge any pain you might feel after exercise. So while you don’t focus on the pain, you can focus more on getting in some extra reps. Adding caffeine to your workout routines will help you focus on actually working out and not on your exertion level.

  • Improving Your Circulation

Even when you’re working on your health, it’s necessary to make sure that you’re healthy enough to work out. How blood flows through your body will have an effect on how quickly you’ll receive oxygen. Blood flow will also dictate how hard you can push yourself and also how fast your recovery time will be. Having a bit of caffeine in your system helps your blood cells function better so that your muscles can get the oxygen they need.

  • Saving Your Muscles

One of the most disappointing things on a weight loss or fitness journey is building your muscles up to your goal and then having them disappear. As we age, our muscles weaken naturally. To combat this atrophy, you can ingest a little caffeine before your workout. It can help your muscles retain some of their youthful strength and elasticity but also reduce your potential for injuries.

  • Better Memory

People choose coffee in the morning because it helps wake up your mind and get it running into an efficient machine for the day’s tasks. Whether you’re starting a new fitness program or already have one as part of your regularly scheduled workouts, sometimes it’s hard to remember all the steps. Caffeine can boost your brain’s ability to recall information so you won’t feel lost during your exercising.


Just like many other supplements, you can use caffeine to improve your workout performance. While you work towards a stronger body and better health, you can use caffeine to stimulate certain parts of your routine. It should be noted, however, that over time and with continued use, your body can become tolerant to a certain level of caffeine. That amount of caffeine will be different for each person. You can choose to use pills for supplement or get it in liquid form but either way, caffeine can be a vital and extremely helpful tool in aiding you with your fitness goals.