Does High Volume Training Help in Building Muscles?

Those who want to learn about the real bodybuilding training should know that using the weight lifting and training methods which involves 10 sets of 10 repetitions each are really effective for this specific purpose. This is especially effective because it can help in gaining lean mass in comparatively a very short period of time.

Who Uses This Technique?

Who uses this technique is really important to know as this will let you understand how effective and useful it is.

  • A large number of Olympic athletes use this technique to improve their performance in sports activities.
  • It is often suggested by foremost strength and power coaches to their trainees.
  • You should also know that some of the very successful and highly popular bodybuilders have got amazing results with this simple technique.
  • This might also be good for you to learn that many bodybuilders who now have become popular film stars, used this during training.

Who Developed this Rule?

Nobody knows who actually created or developed this unique technique as various have claimed to be the first developer of this technique. Well, it does not matter who developed it, the more important thing is that it really works and it is said that if you the progress and improvement seems to be plateau with a certain type of exercise, it can be used for a longer period of time.

How long has it been Used?

It is said that this method has been used since the very early days of 1960s but still considered the most effective way to gain maximum results by everyone who knows how to do the right training strategies to become a bodybuilder.

Choosing Weight

  • When you are able to perform 10 sets of 10 repetitions easily with no problem, you should increase the amount of weight you are lifting.
  • On contrary to this, if you feel that it has become more difficult for you to perform all of 10 repetitions and you are no longer able to do sets easily, you had better reduce the amount of weight.

Rest Between Sets

  • While you are performing sets, at one point you might feel that the doing sets now has become a challenge for you and you are feeling difficulty in doing it. You should not be worried about it as it is quite normal because with the progress of your session, you get tired and fatigued which causes you to feel the difficulty in performing your sets.
  • The best way to control and maintain your position is to take rest between the two sets but here you should remember that the period in which you are taking rest between two sets must not be more than one minute.
  • This is really important not to let the period exceed more than 1 minute, or it may result in form of losing the benefits you can get from your routine workouts. Anyone who knows this important factor will never make this mistake.