Home cardio without exercises to keep fit

The swift pace of life we have today makes us use multitask mode all year around. We just can’t afford ourselves to stop for a while and devote our precious time to the only activity. This is related to the pastime demanding our concentration and dedication, like sport. They saycardio training in groups, exercising with a coach in the gym, or jogging in the open air is more efficient than home fitness. Of course, expert supervision is valued. But if you cannot afford yourself leaving your castle regularly, if you come home too late to visit any gym, does that mean you should force yourself to practice nightstreet jogging to fit in the frame? No! That means you need to adjust the frame of healthy and beautiful life to your schedule, opportunities, and needs! You are the best trainer for yourself for you are well aware of your strengths and weaknesses, just don’t compromise your integrity!

Besides, exercisingoutdoors hides pitfalls. Unexpectedly, you can get too tired after the energetic workout to bring your exhausted body home (the fact that you had enough of strength to run to the point of your destination inspired by the impressive result of your workout does not mean you will still be able to move on your way back). It happens that there is nobody to give you a helping hand in such situation. Well, at home you are safe!

Party time

Who said that to stay slim you must forget about the party joy? I say you need to make it your regular pastime! Diversify your daily workout with bright and exciting dancing occasion once a week (or as often as you want and can afford it) to keep your weight in desired bounds! Let’s just agree that your Dancing Home Fitness Party management will accept this simple code: no alcohol, only healthy food, and welcome guests. Good girl/boy! Dance like no one is looking (or just invite no one) to have enough space and to feel the energy of music to the fullest!

Dancing is a perfect cardio trainingwhich has no comparable counterparts. What you do is just having fun while your heart rate is getting better and better with every party! It is much efficient to devote two hours to your dancing therapy than to spend 40 minutes on exercising in a gym with a super trainer (whom you pay for each your visit) and about two times as long on getting home. That’s what I name “time management”!Don’t just say your academic assignments stand in the way to your perfect private dancing evening! Check out the post right here and get started!

Bottoming the house

If you don’tlike dancing… Is there anyone who doesn’t like it? Well, let’s imagine somewhere there exist people who don’t or that they just can’t squeeze it in the tight schedule. Don’t get sad if you are one of them thinking your home fitness is endangered.You too have plenty of occasions to improve your heart rate, weight, and shape without forcing yourself to street jogging you hate so much (me too!) or going to extra expenses (this I hate even more!) for a good bike. There is at least one activity you cannot help doing: cleaning!

You manage your home regularly, don’t you? Let’s make mopping, dusting the furniture, vacuuming, washing the dishes, and even preparation of healthy food a part of your cardio training. Combine the useful with the pleasant! You can find a great many masterclasses illustrating workouts with exercises to combine with daily tasks in You-Tube.

Two-minute rest

If you are not in the mood for a party and the house is not yet dirty enough to start your home fitness cleaning lesson, don’t get sad! Now we’ll find some room and inspiration to proceed! Being a good trainer for yourself (I’m certain you are the best!) you will not let your fosterling (that is you!) skip a workout.  This is the moment you should remind yourselfof some important occasion in the nearest future (New Year party, husband’s birthday, college reunion, wedding anniversary, new date, the “Great Anything” Celebration). Do you feel a surge of energy? I thought so, just don’t postpone for this will not last long: take this moment for leapfrog ahead!

To help you get the best results from your two-minute home fitness and to save you from street jogging do the following: take a push-up stand. That’s it! You should not move AT ALL! This is a perfect exercise for it activates all the muscles of your body without any additional equipment and movements! Begin with half of a minute session adding with each new lesson about 10 seconds. Oh, stop laughing (I’d like to see you on the 30th second of the first-time workout)! I say 30-seconds workout in combination with healthy food can help you keep yourself ingood shape! Dare to see!

Childhood memories

So, your dancing cardio training was on Tuesday; on Wednesday you visited parents doing your best to skip street jogging (that’s ok, I know how you feel); on Thursday you celebrated your cleaning home fitness for two hours.You spent Friday evening preparing healthy food with a two-minute rest recommended in the previous chapter, though you called it 30-seconds torture (I’m not angry, you’ll like this compact workout a little bit later… perhaps). You’ve arranged everything to have active Saturday. Great job (I don’t mind your Monday cinema visit)! Unfortunately, rainy day interfered with your plans to ride a bike, but there is a solution for such bitter experience.

Let’s play the baby! Try to recollect the funny simple exercises you liked doing in your childhood.Do your remember your “bike” practice lying on your back and twitching legs, or “jumping jacks” (powerful cardio training, by the way) was your favourite one? They can become your home fitness.There exist many simple childish exercises giving good results. Very few trainers would recommend them to you, but if you are serious about your intention to feel more strength or to get your weight down, you should use every opportunity! “Dig out” a gap in your schedule to devote half of an hour to exercises from your childhood. If you enjoy the process, the results will be much better!

Don’t try to play serious visiting gym once a month, just be active in every possible way EVERY SINGLE DAY!