Home Gym Barbell Features of Choice

Every bodybuilder would probably like to have a personal home gym in their home. If the house has a free space that can be easily adapted to a gym and train at your own pleasure at any convenient moment.

So, how to equip a gym for training at home? In fact, it doesn’t take much for a beginner bodybuilder in a home gym the following set of equipment is needed a horizontal bar, a bench and dumbbells and of course, a barbell.

How to choose a barbell for a home gym.

Several fundamentally important points affect how convenient the projectile will be to use and how expensive it will ultimately cost.

1. Dimensions

The first important factor in determining the price of a bar is its size. Of course, the home barbell should weigh decently so that it is convenient to train different muscle groups. The most acceptable weight for such a barbell is one hundred kilograms. Of course, for the first sessions, this weight may not be completely useful, but for experienced bodybuilders, it helps to train the muscles of the back, chest, legs.

The dimensions of the discs and the length of the bar are also important. These parameters must be taken into account based on the footage of the free space, because, for example, the dimensions of an ordinary apartment can interfere with freely training with a large projectile.

2. Discs

The main parameters of the discs are weight and diameter. The accessory set of discs should include several pieces for basic loads: 20 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg, 2.5 kg and 1 kg. The correct set will help regulate the weight of the projectile, increasing or decreasing the load, so it will be advisable to buy kilogram discs that can be placed on each end of the bar in several pieces.

The material of the discs will also affect their cost. The most practical discs are made of rubberized material, but they will cost more, and if they are used incorrectly, they will quickly fail.

3. Neck

Pay attention to the degree of stiffness of the bar for the bar, it should not spring with a lot of weight. The diameter of the neck is also an important parameter. If it fits well in your hand, then it suits you. Special notches should be applied to the bar handle, which will allow you to firmly hold the projectile.

4. Barbell

In most cases, the best home barbell is a training bar set, usually a 25-30 mm and length from 1.2 to 1.8 m, and weight plates with a rubberized or plastic coating. The use of coated discs allows avoiding unnecessary noise (“ringing”) of the weight plates when assembling and disassembling the rod, as well as protect the floor covering from damage in the event of a possible fall of the weight plates or the entire rod.

We recommend making the weight set of weight plates on the bar universal, i.e. pick it up so that the set includes weight plates of smaller weights – from 0.5 to5 Kg, which will allow you to use them to build dumbbells. If you decide to heed our recommendations and buy a barbell for home gym from dumbbells and a bar, then you can find it in the Titanium Sets category. The weight of the bar in such a kit can vary from the minimum (the weight of the bar itself) to110 Kg…

You can assemble a similar set of bar and dumbbells yourself. In our online store, you can buy barbell weight plates with rubberized and plastic cover, dumbbell and barbell bars. In this case, barbell prices can vary significantly depending on the selected neck and discs and of course the total weight. Therefore, when choosing them, we recommend that you consult with the manager of our online store. The maximum weight of the bar when assembling it on weight plates can reach120 kg (maximum limit of the load on the training bar with a diameter 28 mm).

Another point: a bar with a straight bar will allow you to perform exercises on a wide variety of muscle groups, while a special bar, for example, in the shape of the letter W, is intended only for exercises on specific muscle groups.